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  • The Pastoral Care of Children

    The Pastoral Care of Children
    Harold Koenig

    Intelligent and heartfelt, this valuable book gives you a complete theological exploration of ministering to children who may ask you “Why me?”, “Why do people have to die?” and “What happens to children if they die before they …

  • Daddy s Little Girl

    Daddy’s Little Girl
    Gregory E. Lang

    This book reminds us all that no matter what, there is and always will be a place for daddy's little girl.

  • Mom Energy

    Mom Energy
    Ashley Koff, Kathy Kaehler

    "From celebrated dietitian Ashley Koff and fitness trainer to the stars Kathy Kaehler comes Mom Energy, an exciting new way for moms to tap into their own natural and renewable sources of energy to overcome fatigue and achieve their …

  • Love Me Mama

    Love Me Mama
    Elsie Reed

    This book is a story of an unfavoured child called Victoria.

  • Dear Mom

    Dear Mom
    Melody Carlson

    And you can connect on a deeper, more intimate level that will carry both you and your daughter through the stormy seas of life. From the Trade Paperback edition.

  • Pudd nhead Parenting

    Pudd’nhead Parenting
    Sterling B. Pratt

    Pudd'nhead Parenting takes parents through three essential steps: 1. Understanding, accepting and empathizing with their child, 2. Helping their child view him or herself in a positive way, 3.

  • No Mind Left Behind

    No Mind Left Behind
    Adam J. Cox

    The book addresses special-needs children as well as neurotypical children, and includes practical suggestions for parents and educators.

  • Lesbian Family Relationships in American Society

    Lesbian Family Relationships in American Society
    Maureen A. Asten

    A unique insight into lesbian families, describing how relationships within a family are formed, how the families are defined, how they function, and what their special concerns are.

  • Potty Training In One Week

    Potty Training In One Week
    Gina Ford

    This clearly organised book makes potty training easy, and even fun.

  • The Complete Idiot s Guide to Fatherhood

    The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Fatherhood
    Kevin Osborn

    Don't retire your cardigan just yet! 'The Complete Idiot's Guide to Fatherhood' answers all the questions any expecting new, or veteran father could have on topics ranging from communication and ground rules to privileges and punishment.

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