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  • Orgulho E Dignidade

    Orgulho E Dignidade
    Sonia Madeira De Ley

    Trineta do Visconde Itaboraí, Sonia Madeira de Ley conta a história dos descendentes do fundador da segunda fase do Banco do Brasil, começando com o filho que o Visconde teve com uma escrava.

  • Nel lento esistere

    Nel lento esistere
    Giovanna Avignoni

    La vita di ogni essere vivente è legata a equilibri instabili.

  • Friendzone manuale di sopravvivenza

    Friendzone -manuale di sopravvivenza
    Claudio Spina

    "Ti vedo solo come un amico" la frase che ha sconvolto un' intera popolazione.

  • The Nigger in You

    The Nigger in You
    J. W. Wiley

    If you have attempted to avoid and/or escape oppression, been made to feel as if you are a problem, been treated as "lesser than" or even like a criminal, all just because you are different in a given context, then what Dr. J. W. Wiley …

  • Tolerance in the Twenty first Century

    Tolerance in the Twenty-first Century
    Gerson Moreno-Riaño

    The work delves into new areas assessing the problems posed for tolerance by such factors as identity, war, community, the Internet, and gender.

  • Race

    David Mamet

    . Deep in its gut, Mamet's new play argues, everything in America—and this play throws in sex, rape, the law, employment and relationships—is still about race."—Chicago Tribune "A dramatist celebrated for introducing expletives to the …

  • A Great Conspiracy Against Our Race

    A Great Conspiracy Against Our Race
    Peter G. Vellon

    This work is an important contribution to not only Italian American history, but America’s history of immigration and race.

  • Impotenza Eliminare il blocco fisico e mentale

    Impotenza – Eliminare il blocco fisico e mentale
    Gustavo Guglielmotti

    L’impotenza è un problema di paura.

  • The Anatomy of Prejudices

    The Anatomy of Prejudices
    Elisabeth Young-Bruehl

    Among the many forms of prejudice, Young-Bruehl pays particular attention to four – antisemitism, racism, sexism, and homophobia – which she exposes in their distinctiveness and their similarities.

  • Contentious Issues

    Contentious Issues
    Marianna Csoti

    Challenging prejudice, stereotyping and judgemental behaviour, this book consists of forty discussion stories which reflect society and the problems young people face today.

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