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  • Bearing Witness

    Bearing Witness
    Sandra L Bloom, Michael Reichert

    Upon completing this work, you will have a better understanding of the social causes of the violence epidemic and concrete suggestions for its long-term control.

  • Mon pĂ re ma mĂ re Allah et moi

    Mon père, ma mère, Allah… et moi
    Farah Kay

    Devenue une femme libre, Farah Kay a acquis le courage de regarder en face, avec une colère lucide, ce père, cette mère et cette version obscurantiste, rĂ©gressive d’un islam qui peut, parfois, rejeter les jeunes filles hors de …

  • Violence and Social Injustice Against Lesbian Gay and Bisexual People

    Violence and Social Injustice Against Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual People
    Lacey Sloan, Nora Gustavsson

    These and other specific areas will give you the information and the fortitude necessary to evoke positive change in your community: legal issues relating to same-sex marriage the connection between social injustice and violence violence …

  • Comment accepter l autre tel qu il est

    Comment accepter l’autre tel qu’il est ?
    Mathilde Derasse, 50 minutes,

    Mais n’est-ce pas précisément cela qui fait toute notre richesse ? En 50 minutes, faites-le point et, grâce à nos conseils et à nos exercices pratiques, apprenez à devenir plus tolérant et à vous ouvrir aux autres.

  • Assault on the Soul

    Assault on the Soul
    Sara Sharratt

    This is the only book to present the experiences of therapists, counselors, and other mental health professionals along with attorneys and Justices of the International Criminal Tribunal in working from both psychological and legal …

  • Donne al bivio

    Donne al bivio
    Sara Cosmann

    Tre amiche si incontrano dopo 4 anni e comprendono come le loro reali esistenze siano lontane dai sogni e dalle aspettative di gioventĂą…. al bivio di una nuova opportunitĂ  di vita faranno la loro scelta

  • Aprende a aceptar a los demĂ s

    Aprende a aceptar a los demás

    ¡Rompe tus cadenas y libĂ©rate de los prejuicios! ÂżJuzgas con facilidad, incluso si no conoces a la persona en cuestiĂłn? ÂżNo eres capaz de aceptar al otro tal como es y te cuesta entender a la gente que piensa de forma distinta a la …

  • My Life as Sisyphus

    My Life as Sisyphus
    Catharina van Leeuwen

    Armed with a graduate degree in Biological Sciences, the author leaves for the Caribbean to join her husband who has been recruited to the University of the West Indies in Jamaica.

  • The Myth of Equality Uncovering the Roots of Injustice and Privilege

    The Myth of Equality: Uncovering the Roots of Injustice and Privilege
    Ken Wytsma

    He has gone through his own journey of understanding the underpinnings of inequality and privilege. In this timely, insightful book Wytsma unpacks what we need to know to be grounded in conversations about today's race-related issues.

  • How to Be More Accepting

    How to Be More Accepting

    Do you find it hard to accept others’ faults and differences? Do you struggle to overcome your stereotypes and prejudices? You are not alone – this is entirely natural!

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