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  • Journeyman

    Marc Bojanowski

    The specter of war and questions of the Western-film notions of masculinity are woven throughout the novel; from the damage to Nolan’s family by the Vietnam War in which his father fought, to the ubiquity and consequence of the wars in …

  • Mom Still Likes You Best

    Mom Still Likes You Best
    Jane Isay

    Isay believes this is a destructive myth, one that makes people doubt the strength of the connection with their siblings. Brothers and sisters may love and hate, fight and forgive, but they never forget their early bonds.

  • Raised in Captivity

    Raised in Captivity
    Nicky Silver

    With sharp comic turns and absurdist twists, Raised in Captivity explores the guilt, self-punishment, and redemption in the lives of two estranged and equally odd siblings when they reunite at the funeral of their mother–whose demise was …

  • Orgulho E Dignidade

    Orgulho E Dignidade
    Sonia Madeira De Ley

    Trineta do Visconde Itaboraí, Sonia Madeira de Ley conta a história dos descendentes do fundador da segunda fase do Banco do Brasil, começando com o filho que o Visconde teve com uma escrava.

  • Hey Bub

    Hey, Bub!
    Steve Prater

    Despite being beset by health concerns and institutional systems that were far from ideal, he found resilience and joy. This is the story of two brothers, their childhood adventures, and their lifelong bond.

  • Sibling Aggression

    Sibling Aggression
    Dr. Jonathan Caspi, PhD

    This volume addresses a significant void in family studies and child development literature by providing an empirically based guide to the causes, assessment and treatment of sibling aggression.

  • Get Me Through Tomorrow

    Get Me Through Tomorrow
    Mojie Crigler

    In intimate and unflinching prose, Mojie Crigler chronicles her brother’s harrowing decline and miraculous recovery. Get Me Through Tomorrow is much more than the story of a medical victory amid a broken healthcare system, however.

  • Paradise Found

    Paradise Found
    Mary Campisi

    What ties them together? A common theme: belief in the beauty of that second chance. Paradise Found is Book Four of That Second Chance Series. How does one see truly—with the heart or with the eyes?

  • Keeping My Sisters Secrets

    Keeping My Sisters’ Secrets
    Beezy Marsh

    The Sunday Times Bestseller and #1 international bestseller Keeping My Sister’s Secrets by Beezy Marsh is the heartwarming true story of three sisters and their fearless fight to survive the hardships of poverty and war – by whatever …

  • Twin Sense

    Twin Sense
    Dagmara SCALISE

    Filled with lively anecdotes and practical advice, this is a true insider’s guide that will make raising twins a pleasure.

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