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  • Devenez Pro sur FIFA 15

    Devenez Pro sur FIFA 15
    Bruce Grannec

    Dans le guide 'Devenez Pro sur FIFA 15', vous découvrirez : • Comment reproduire le style de jeu de Bruce 'Spank' Grannec, • Tous les paramètres à prendre en compte pour faire de chacun de vos tirs un but, • Tous les secrets …

  • BattlePlan Magazine

    BattlePlan Magazine
    Decision Games, Past Into Print Publishing

    , Squad Leader, Advanced Squad Leader, Up Front, and many other games. The periodical lasted nine issues, before it was folded into the Wargamer, Volume 2 periodical.

  • Loter a


    Pairs riddles in English and Spanish with a set of cards for the Mexican board game known as "Loterâia" designed by a contemporary Mexican American artist.

  • Gender Age and Digital Games in the Domestic Context

    Gender, Age, and Digital Games in the Domestic Context
    Alison Harvey

    This book is the first study to provide a situated investigation of the site of family play— the shared spaces and private places of gameplay within the domestic sphere.

  • Everything Scrabble

    Everything Scrabble
    Joe Edley, John D. Williams, Jr., John Williams

    A guide for improving Scrabble skills discusses how to maximize scores with bonus squares, make more seven-letter plays, and increase scoring average using two-letter words, and includes a step-by-step guide to board strategy.

  • The Boardgamer Volume 7

    The Boardgamer Volume 7
    Bruce A. Monnin

    The contents of this volume consists of: Color War In Gangsters – Strategies of Tournament Champions New Optional Rules For Gangsters – Bombs, Shootouts & Cops BOARDGAMER’s Special Panzerblitz Issue – Errata Blackbeard PBeM Series Replay …

  • Grome Terrain Modeling with Ogre3D UDK and Unity3D

    Grome Terrain Modeling with Ogre3D, UDK, and Unity3D
    Richard A. Hawley

    This book is a practical guide with examples and clear steps to explain terrain modeling with Grome.If you're a developer or artist looking for a guide to walk you through GROME 3.1, then this book is for you.

  • Los videojuegos

    Los videojuegos
    Adriana Gil Juárez, Tere Vida Mombiela

    Los videojuegos, juguetes y tecnologías a la vez, son fascinantes por partida doble. Aprender sobre videojuegos es aprender sobre el mundo actual y sobre nuestra reacción ante él. Esta es una invitación para aprender algo sobre ellos.

  • The Boardgamer Volume 1

    The Boardgamer Volume 1
    Bruce A. Monnin

    Panzer Leader Avaloncon Scenarios – From The 1994 and 1995 Tournaments Avaloncon 1995 – A First Timer’s Experience History Of The World Series Replay – One Player’s View of a GEnie PBEM Game History Of The World Series Replay – The Red …

  • Uncertainty in Games

    Uncertainty in Games
    Greg Costikyan

    That is: we create games. In this concise and entertaining book, Costikyan, an award-winning game designer, argues that games require uncertainty to hold our interest, and that the struggle to master uncertainty is central to their appeal.

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