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  • GO More Than a Game

    GO! More Than a Game
    Peter Shotwell, Huiren Yang, Sangit Chatterjee

    A wonderful introduction to this ancient game

  • Across the Board

    Across the Board
    John J. Watkins

    "This beautiful book is absolutely the best treatment of the connection between chess and recreational mathematics I have ever seen.

  • Chess Openings for the Average Player

    Chess Openings for the Average Player
    T. D. Harding, Leonard Barden

    Clearly written guide covers all openings: the Benko Gambit, Bird's Opening, Centre Game, Dutch Defence, Four Knights Game, King's Gambit, others.

  • Test Your Chess

    Test Your Chess
    Zenon Franco

    At the end of each lesson there is a points scale to indicate how well you have 'played'. This means you are able to accurately measure your progress as you work through the book.

  • Zuke em the Colle Zukertort Revolutionized

    Zuke ’em-the Colle Zukertort Revolutionized
    David Rudel

    In this book you will also find: 1.Introductory chapters for those who would not know the Zukertort from a Lemon Torte. 2.Analysis in real English from the perspective of someone who has played the opening exclusively for over a decade. 3.A …

  • Estudios y finales de ajedrez

    Estudios y finales de ajedrez
    Bernhard Horwitz, Josef Kling

    Traducción revisada y corregida de la edición póstuma de Horwitz y Kling, un clásico sobre el estudio de los finales en el ajedrez

  • How Not to Play Chess

    How Not to Play Chess
    Eugene A. Znosko-Borovsky, Evgeni? Aleksandrovich Znosko-Borovski?, Fred Reinfeld

    One of the outstanding chess expositors of the 20th century presents the basis of analysis in a disarmingly simple way.

  • Better Chess for Average Players

    Better Chess for Average Players
    Tim Harding

    Clear, straightforward guide covers fundamentals of attacking and positional play, the endgame, assessing positions and choosing moves, difficult positions, time-trouble, much more. 384 diagrams.

  • Chess For Beginners

    Chess For Beginners
    I. A. Horowitz

    The former U.S. Open Champion offers novices an introduction to chess that stresses ideas and method's for opening play

  • Columnas abiertas

    Columnas abiertas
    Wolfgang Uhlmann, Gerhard Schmidt

    Los métodos de juego asociados con las columnas abiertas: cómo se abren, se bloquean, se ocupan y se utilizan como rampas para invadir la posición enemiga

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