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  • Ask Dr Blackjack

    Ask Dr. Blackjack
    Sam Barrington

    I just wish I would have found this book sooner". Greg Pumphrey – Architect "This book was extremely helpful in advancing my Blackjack winnings but the inside stories about the Casino activity is what made the book".

  • Jackpot Nation

    Jackpot Nation
    Richard Hoffer

    If there's not a casino around the corner, there's one on your laptop computer. In Jackpot Nation, Richard Hoffer takes us on a headlong tour, alternately horrifying and hilarious, across our landscape of luck.

  • Poker Tips that Pay

    Poker Tips that Pay
    Jonathan Gelling

    Read this book and become a force to be reckoned with at your next poker game.

  • Simply Craps

    Simply Craps
    Daniel Vroman

    The goal of this book is to provide the reader with an understanding of a game that is often times intimidating to non-players and mystifying to experienced players.

  • You Can Be a Gymnast

    You Can Be a Gymnast
    Alix Wood

    In order to compete high on the rings, flip through the air, and doing walking handstands on the beam, gymnasts have to be strong, flexible, and confident.

  • The Madness of March

    The Madness of March
    Alan Jay Zaremba

    This book immerses readers in that action.

  • How to Win at Greyhound Betting

    How to Win at Greyhound Betting
    Samuel Blankson

    This book sets out to give over ten techniques and systems for betting on 6-trap UK BAGS greyhound races. These systems are illustrated and explained in simple and easy to follow steps.

  • 21 Bringing Down the House

    21 Bringing Down the House
    Ben Mezrich

    Recounts the story of how a notorious gang of MIT blackjack savants devised and received backing for a system for winning at the world's most sophisticated casinos, an endeavor that earned them more than three million dollars.

  • The Perfect Punter

    The Perfect Punter
    Dave Farrar

    From snooker at the Crucible and racing at Cheltenham, to tennis at Roland Garros, golf's Ryder Cup and the US Superbowl, The Perfect Punter is the engrossing story of one man's journey to overcome the odds.

  • Fly Me to the Moon

    Fly Me to the Moon
    ACI llc

    You will be amazed how this MiNi system works and makes money .The one and only Roulette Physics visual prediction system in the world.It is based on 30 years experience of a roulette dealer and Casino for both types of wheels …

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