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  • Old Fashioned Dealer s Choice Poker

    Old Fashioned Dealer’s Choice Poker
    C. Stephen Badgley

    Fun and exciting card games of chance for you to enjoy the way your Grandpa did. This book contains Rank of Hands, Rules and Playing Instructions as well as suggestions on setting up a Poker Party.

  • The Mental Game of Poker 2

    The Mental Game of Poker 2
    Jared Tendler

    This book provides proven strategies to: • Play poker longer and across more online tables. • Improve decision making. • Learn faster. • Eliminate C-game mistakes. • Increase focus and discipline.

  • Expanagrams

    Jesse Leong

    The solution is in the book for the sample puzzle below: 1. GEM + A 2. _ _ _ _ + I 3. _ _ _ _ _ + R 4. _ _ _ _ _ _ + C 5. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Expanagrams is a warm, inspiring book appropriate for word enthusiasts aged 10 and up.

  • The Little Red Book On Bridge

    The Little Red Book On Bridge
    F Scott Bush

    Simple, easy to implement strategies for improving your bridge game. Check out the companion website at!

  • Don t Quote Me

    Don’t Quote Me®
    USA Today

    Don’t Quote Me®, launched on the puzzle page of USA TODAY in August 08, takes a famous quote, extracts key words from the quote, and presents the words in a jumbled order. Solvers must put the words in order to complete the quote.

  • Poker Tips that Pay

    Poker Tips that Pay
    Jonathan Gelling

    Read this book and become a force to be reckoned with at your next poker game.

  • Aventure survie et cr ation

    Aventure, survie et création
    Alexandre Fil, Ariane Stonam, Julien Launay, Louis Lebaillif, Nathan Vani, Thibaut Mutin

    Avec plus de 30 millions d'exemplaires vendus dans le monde et une communauté de fans qui s’agrandit de jour en jour, Minecraft, le jeu aux graphismes si caractéristiques, est déjà un monument du jeu vidéo.

  • Guia definitivo de League of Legends

    Guia definitivo de League of Legends
    Ricardo Caetano

    Tudo o que você precisa para se tornar um jogador profissional em League of Legends!

  • Become A Winner Claiming Thoroughbred Racehorses

    Become A Winner Claiming Thoroughbred Racehorses
    Marino Specogna

    Author provides thoroughbred horse racing secrets and tips on becoming a successful thoroughbred horse owner or handicapper. The author outlines the keys for success in the thoroughbred horse racing industry.

  • Hacktastic D 20 Fantasy

    Hacktastic D/20 Fantasy
    Eric Thomas

    There are those among us that rise above the masses, songs are sung, tales are told, are you brave enough to become a hero?By opening this book you’ll prove just that, within these pages you’ll find all the tools you need to …

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