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  • Mindfreak

    Criss Angel

    MINDFREAK – the book – will be an extention of the show, which uses a specific topic each week – like 'Buried Alive', 'Bullet Catch', 'Building Walk', or 'Levitation' – to delve into the history of each subject, and see if Criss can …

  • Scarne on Card Tricks

    Scarne on Card Tricks
    John Scarne

    Marvelous treasury of card magic presents exact details of 155 professional card tricks that anyone can learn. Card wizard John Scarne reworked these tricks to eliminate the need for sleight-of-hand.

  • Comunicazione ipnotica 2 0

    Comunicazione ipnotica 2.0
    Marco Antuzi

    Marco Antuzi come sempre mira alla pratica e in questa nuova opera non fa certo differenza e ti insegna come cambiare il modo di vedere il mondo con l’uso della parola.

  • Death Cog

    Death Cog

    Visit distant worlds, battle strange creatures, and explore dark dungeons full of sparkly treasure. This book covers everything needed by game masters and players alike, from character creation to dispute resolution.

  • Columnas abiertas

    Columnas abiertas
    Wolfgang Uhlmann, Gerhard Schmidt

    Los métodos de juego asociados con las columnas abiertas: cómo se abren, se bloquean, se ocupan y se utilizan como rampas para invadir la posición enemiga

  • Magic for Everyone

    Magic for Everyone
    Mario Berardelli

    Every trick selected had to be practical and no manipulative move was required.

  • A Bag of Tricks

    A Bag of Tricks
    Will L. Lindhorst (famous Magician)

    Table of Contents How to Balance Glass on Playing Card How 'Spirit Trick' Is Performed With Names Written in Squares How to Transfer a Coin From One Hand to Another How to Tell Card Taken From Pack by Trick 'Spirit Writing* How to Dip Hand …

  • Applied Magic

    Applied Magic
    Michael Kett

    This book is an outstanding resource for any therapist, teacher or parent looking for innovative methods to improve gross and fine motor control, self-confidence, and social interaction skills.

  • Magician s Magic

    Magician’s Magic
    Paul Curry

    This book by a "magician's magician" discloses the secrets behind a collection of close-up marvels — including the author's "Out of the World," reputed to be the best card trick of the past century.

  • Martin Gardner s Table Magic

    Martin Gardner’s Table Magic
    Martin Gardner

    Step-by-step instructions and nearly 200 simple diagrams show beginners how to make cards vanish and reappear, get coins to pass through solid objects, make articles mysteriously travel from one location to another, and more.

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