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  • Back Pocket Crosswords

    Back Pocket Crosswords
    The Puzzle Society

    Everyday casual meets approachability stylish and smart with Back Pocket Crosswords Specially designed for men on the move, this offering features the same production values that have made the Pocket Posh line so successful, including a lay …

  • Expanagrams

    Jesse Leong

    The solution is in the book for the sample puzzle below: 1. GEM + A 2. _ _ _ _ + I 3. _ _ _ _ _ + R 4. _ _ _ _ _ _ + C 5. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Expanagrams is a warm, inspiring book appropriate for word enthusiasts aged 10 and up.

  • Challenging Mazes

    Challenging Mazes
    Lee Daniel Quinn

    Here are 48 unusually subtle and varied mazes to thread through, including several types which are new to the ancient puzzle form.

  • Don t Quote Me

    Don’t Quote Me®
    USA Today

    Don’t Quote Me®, launched on the puzzle page of USA TODAY in August 08, takes a famous quote, extracts key words from the quote, and presents the words in a jumbled order. Solvers must put the words in order to complete the quote.

  • Pocket Posh Word Roundup 5

    Pocket Posh Word Roundup 5
    The Puzzle Society

    Fifth in the series, this Word Roundup collection presents 100 puzzles designed with the flair of our best-selling Pocket Posh style. More than 330,000 Pocket Posh Word Roundup books have sold across the series!

  • Amusements in Mathematics

    Amusements in Mathematics
    Henry E. Dudeney


  • Cross Codes

    Cross Codes
    Daniel Stark, Helene Hovanec

    What do you get when you mix a crossword and a cryptogram? Cross Codes, of course! These super puzzles have grids that look like a crossword but with small numbers from 1 to 26 in every square.

  • Papercraft Projects with One Piece of Paper

    Papercraft Projects with One Piece of Paper
    Michael Grater

    Introduces techniques for making animals, faces, and geometric shapes out of paper.

  • Better Chess for Average Players

    Better Chess for Average Players
    Tim Harding

    Clear, straightforward guide covers fundamentals of attacking and positional play, the endgame, assessing positions and choosing moves, difficult positions, time-trouble, much more. 384 diagrams.

  • Chaos Sudoku 12x12 Schwer Band 18 276 R tsel

    Chaos Sudoku 12×12 – Schwer – Band 18 – 276 Rätsel
    Nick Snels

    Chaos Sudoku ist ein Sudoku mit einem Zusatz.

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