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  • You re Doing It Wrong

    You’re Doing It Wrong!
    Lee Thornton

    Probably Because You're Doing It Wrong! You brush your teeth twice a day. You serve red wine at room temperature. You treat stains on whites with bleach. You're doing everything by the book, so it must be fine, right? Wrong!

  • A Question of Sport Quiz Book

    A Question of Sport Quiz Book
    Ebury Publishing, Confirmed

    Featuring special guest sports stars past and present and enough material to challenge even the biggest fan, A Question of Sport Quiz Book is the final word in sporting trivia.

  • Man Enough

    Man Enough?
    Max Brallier, Geoff Baker

    Think You Know Your Stuff? Prove It. The gauntlet's been thrown down. Time to man up and face the challenge. This book tests it all—sports, movies, cars, history, everything—everything any real guy should know.

  • How To Win Your Pub Quiz

    How To Win Your Pub Quiz
    Les Palmer

    Written by a self-confessed quizaholic, this funny guide to pub quizzing expertly describes how to turn your crap team into a winning machine!

  • Trivial Pursuit Scratch Play Entertainment

    Trivial Pursuit Scratch & Play Entertainment
    Andrew Brisman, Puzzle Wright Press

    Which Beatle admitted, "We can’t sing.

  • How Does Aspirin Find a Headache

    How Does Aspirin Find a Headache?
    David Feldman

    Part of the Imponderables® series — the unchallenged source of answers to civilization's most perplexing conundrums — and charmingly illustrated by Kassie Schwan, this book provides you with knowledge about everyday life that …

  • Tortured Artists

    Tortured Artists
    Christopher Zara

    As much an appreciation of artistic genius as an accessible study of the creative psyche, Tortured Artists illustrates the fact that inner turmoil fuels the finest work.

  • The Intellectual s Checklist

    The Intellectual’s Checklist
    Richard J. Wallace, James V. Wallace

    Either way, you'll be worthy of the esteemed moniker intellectual by the time you've gone the distance with this book. (As Thoreau is our witness.) Whether you are just beginning to suspect you're the possessor of superior acumen or you'd …

  • Sports

    Andrew Brisman, Puzzle Wright Press

    How many NHL seasons did Bobby Orr stay healthy enough to play every game: Zero, One, Two, or Three? This is the true test of champions!

  • Green Bay Packers IQ

    Green Bay Packers IQ
    Joel Katte

    This is a franchise steeped in tradition and rich in history—and all of it can be found within these pages: the great players, from Johnny Blood to Clay Matthews, Bart Starr to Brett Favre to Aaron Rodgers, every title game, and the …

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