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  • EZ Guides the Sci Fi Fantasy Edition

    EZ Guides: the Sci-Fi / Fantasy Edition
    Cheat Mistress

    Cheats Unlimited are the specialists when it comes to video game cheats, tips and walkthrough guides.

  • Digital Video Hacks

    Digital Video Hacks
    Joshua Paul

    Whether you're looking for a new technique to include in your next project, a solution to a common problem, or just a little inspiration, this book reintroduces you to the digital video you only thought you knew.

  • Literary Gaming

    Literary Gaming
    Astrid Ensslin

    In this book, Astrid Ensslin examines literary videogames — hybrid digital artifacts that have elements of both games and literature, combining the ludic and the literary.

  • Guia definitivo de League of Legends

    Guia definitivo de League of Legends
    Ricardo Caetano

    Tudo o que vocĂŞ precisa para se tornar um jogador profissional em League of Legends!

  • GuĂ a de juego Minecraft no Oficial

    GuĂ­a de juego Minecraft no Oficial
    Joshua Abbott

    ¡Con mi Guía Definitiva de Minecraft aprenderás exactamente lo que necesitas saber para convertirte en un jugador experto!

  • Cases on the Societal Effects of Persuasive Games

    Cases on the Societal Effects of Persuasive Games
    Ruggiero, Dana

    "This book investigates the connection between multimedia technologies and game-based learning for an improved understanding of the impact and effectiveness of serious games in modern societies, offering examples from the fields of …

  • Players Unleashed

    Players Unleashed!
    Tanja Sihvonen

    A compelling examination of the practice and implications of modding as they apply to the best-selling computer game The Sims.

  • Minecraft

    Daniel Goldberg, Linus Larsson

    Minecraft: The Unlikely Tale of Markus "Notch" Persson and the Game that Changed Everything is a Cinderella story for the Internet age.

  • Half Real

    Jesper Juul

    Jesper Juul examines the constantly evolving tension between rules & fiction in video games. He argues that such games are both a departure from and a development of traditional non-electronic games.

  • Ultimate Guide to Mastering Command Blocks

    Ultimate Guide to Mastering Command Blocks!
    Triumph Books

    This is because the Command Block cannot be crafted without using console commands—the systems that Command Blocks use are entirely script and coding based.

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