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  • Container Gardening

    Container Gardening
    Patricia R. Barrett

    There are now more than 170 titles in this series, and their remarkable popularity reflects the common desire of country and city dwellers alike to cultivate personal independence in everyday life.

  • Perennial Shade Gardening

    Perennial Shade Gardening
    Douglas Green

    This is a 30-year specialist nurseryman sharing his specialist growing secrets you can apply in your home garden.

  • The Michigan Gardening Guide

    The Michigan Gardening Guide
    Jerry Minnich

    A step-by-step guide for Michigan gardeners

  • Wildflower Gardens

    Wildflower Gardens
    C. Colston Burrell

    In this handbook, discover the beautiful wildflowers and foliage plants that best suit your natural garden, from woodland beds to prairie meadows to alpine rockeries to wetlands.

  • Japanese Flower Arrgt Primer

    Japanese Flower Arrgt- Primer
    Ellen G. Allen

    With talent and facility, expression in these art forms is Satisfying. And this is true also of flower arranging, an ancient art that can express a thought or mood and in a sense combine the expression of severnl other media.

  • The Book of Fresh Flowers

    The Book of Fresh Flowers
    Malcolm Hillier

    A comprehensive guide to creating flower arrangements, with suggestions on how to grow and buy the best flowers, as well as the techniques of the professionals

  • The Wild Orchids of California

    The Wild Orchids of California
    Ronald A. Coleman

    The Wild Orchids of California is an impressive extension of Ronald A. Coleman's wide fieldwork, literature review, and herbarium research.

  • Hierbas aromà ticas para el jardà n y la cocina

    Hierbas aromáticas para el jardín y la cocina
    Renate Hudak

    Fragancias en el hogar y sabores para la mesa: cultiva tu jardín con plantas y hierbas aromáticas en arriates y macetas

  • Flowering Plants

    Flowering Plants
    Leon Gray

    An easily navigated reference, this book is ideal for gardeners, horticulturalists and anyone interested in botany.

  • The Peach

    The Peach
    Desmond R. Layne, Daniele Bassi

    This book includes chapters which address botany and taxonomy, breeding and genetics of cultivars and rootstocks, propagation, physiology and planting systems, crop and pest management and postharvest physiology.

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