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  • The Michigan Gardening Guide

    The Michigan Gardening Guide
    Jerry Minnich

    A step-by-step guide for Michigan gardeners

  • How to Lay Out a Garden

    How to Lay Out a Garden
    Edward Kemp

    ""This 1858 work is the first American edition of a work that had already been through two editions in England. It is a comprehensive source on landscape design, complete with sketches and detailed instructions for lots of all sizes.""

  • Planting Design

    Planting Design
    Theodore D. Walker

    Unique to this book are discussions on using a microcomputer for selecting plants, preparing cost estimates and writing specifications.

  • Das Zeitalter der Empfindsamkeit

    Das Zeitalter der Empfindsamkeit
    Renate Krüger

    Als Zeitalter der Empfindsamkeit, als ein Sammelbecken besonders empfindsamer geistiger Strömungen kann man mit gewissen Einschränkungen und unter bestimmten Vorbehalten die späten Jahrzehnte des so vielschichtigen 18.

  • How to Build an Automatic Grow Cabinet for Under 500

    How to Build an Automatic Grow Cabinet for Under $500
    Buddy Flowers

    This book is a step-by-step procedure to build a 6-foot-tall fully functional automatic grow cabinet complete with lighting, fans, and timer.

  • Gardens

    Frances Wolseley, Viscountess, Viscountess Frances Garnet Wolseley

    Viscountess Wolseley's 1919 book offers gardeners suggestions for the perfection of their gardens through careful planning of the lie of the ground and of restful lines.

  • Front Yard America

    Front Yard America
    Fred E. H. Schroeder

    Throughout Front Yard America, Schroeder inquires into the functions, values, and meanings that Americans have found in the domestic landscapes of back yards and front yards, walls and fences, porches and patios.

  • Native Plants for the Short Season Yard

    Native Plants for the Short Season Yard
    Lyndon Penner

    This is the definitive guide to gardening with native plants on the prairies.

  • Dream Draw Design My Garden

    Dream, Draw, Design My Garden
    James Hobbs

    This playful book is meant to be a visual guide, not a technical handbook, so you can create until your garden is full and flourishing righ on the pages!

  • Van Gogh s Gardens

    Van Gogh’s Gardens
    Derek Fell, Vincent van Gogh

    The author explores van Gogh's paintings of flowers and gardens using the artist's personal letters to understand his color theories, and recreates the gardens van Gogh describes to compare them with the paintings.

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