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  • Easy Birdhouses Feeders

    Easy Birdhouses & Feeders
    Michael Berger

    "Easy-to-build plans for making your own birdhouses and birdfeeders. Emphasis on building and planning for bird safety"–

  • The Monster in the Garden

    The Monster in the Garden
    Luke Morgan

    In The Monster in the Garden, Luke Morgan develops a new conceptual model of Renaissance landscape design, arguing that the monster was a key figure in Renaissance culture and that the incorporation of the monstrous into gardens was not …

  • Hand Built Outdoor Furniture

    Hand-Built Outdoor Furniture
    Katie Jackson, Ellen Blackmar

    Hand-Built Outdoor Furniture is the perfect primer for people new to woodworking, DIYers, and homeowners looking for a simple and affordable to decorate their space. Build a stylish backyard oasis!

  • The Room Outside

    The Room Outside
    David Stevens

    With gorgeous photographs throughout–many of them full-page–this inspiring guide immerses you in the aesthetics of outdoor living, from tiled gardens to trellised dining areas.

  • Trellises Planters Raised Beds

    Trellises, Planters & Raised Beds
    Cool Springs Press

    The projects in this book provide ideas for accessories that can be built without a shop full of fancy tools. Containers and trellises give your garden structure and beauty, but they really only come in two types: flimsy and precious.

  • Concrete Garden Projects

    Concrete Garden Projects
    Camilla Arvidsson, Malin Nilsson

    Concrete weathers beautifully, softening around the edges, developing moss, and becoming more picturesque with age. Concrete Garden Projects takes advantage of concrete's numerous assets, showcasing an inspiring array of creative options.

  • Contemporary Color in the Landscape

    Contemporary Color in the Landscape
    Andrew Wilson

    In gorgeous, color-drenched photos Andrew Wilson showcases the work of leading garden designers as inspiring examples of the way color is used.

  • Rustic Garden Projects

    Rustic Garden Projects
    Marianne Svärd Häggvik

    Packed with detailed materials and hundreds of photographs and instructional illustrations, Rustic Garden Projects is the ultimate guide to get you started decorating your garden, your back yard, or even your city stoop.

  • Making Concrete Garden Ornaments

    Making Concrete Garden Ornaments
    Sherri Warner Hunter

    A celebrated teacher has gathered the tried-and-true techniques used by sculptors and folk artists, and tailored them for low-tech surroundings.

  • The Book of Garden Furniture

    The Book of Garden Furniture
    Charles Thonger

    Charles Thonger's 1903 volume is a thorough source of information on garden structures.

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