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  • Life in the Soil

    Life in the Soil
    James B. Nardi

    The book ultimately explores the crucial role of soil ecosystems in conserving the worlds above and below ground.

  • Flowering Plants in the Landscape

    Flowering Plants in the Landscape
    Mildred E. Mathias

    This book describes some of the world's most spectacular flowering trees, shrubs, vines, and ground covers and gives instructions for growing them.

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    Шесть соток радуют и кормят. Дизайн дачного участка
    Галина Александровна Кизима

    Хотите питаться экологически чистыми продуктами, которые намного вкуснее и полезнее купленных в магазине? Тогда за работу! Но …

  • The Bedside Book of the Garden

    The Bedside Book of the Garden
    D. G. Hessayon

    Illustrated throughout and brought to you by D.G. Hessayon, the internationally recognized writer of the blockbuster Expert series, this is the perfect book for every nature lover.

  • Living Life in Full Bloom

    Living Life in Full Bloom
    Elizabeth Murray

    Living life in full bloom means living with hope and purpose, with imagination and vision—in a way that honors the Earth, the spirit, and one another.

  • Cultural Landscapes of South Asia

    Cultural Landscapes of South Asia
    Kapila D. Silva, Amita Sinha

    This volume focuses on the notion of cultural landscape as a medium integrating multiple forms of heritage and points to a new paradigm for conservation practices in the South Asian context.

  • Islamic Gardens and Landscapes

    Islamic Gardens and Landscapes
    D. Fairchild Ruggles

    I love gardening, and in these texts I was able to enter the minds of agriculturalists and botanists of a thousand years ago who likewise believed it was important and interesting to record all the known ways of propagating olive trees, the …

  • The Sun King s Garden

    The Sun King’s Garden
    Ian Thompson

    Presents an illustrated account of the creation of one of the world's most dazzling and extensive gardens, the gardens at the palace of Versailles, noting the unique four-decade friendship between Louis XIV, the creator of the garden, and …

  • Jardinagem Para Iniciantes Cole  o 3 em 1

    Jardinagem Para Iniciantes Coleção 3 em 1
    Nancy Ross

    Você quer aprender tudo sobre jardinagem para iniciantes?

  • Meine liebsten Wildkr uter

    Meine liebsten Wildkräuter
    Liesel Malm

    Medizin aus der Natur Wildkräuter wachsen wild und ohne das Zutun eines Menschen in der freien Natur und natürlich auch im eigenen Garten.

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