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  • The New Ornamental Garden

    The New Ornamental Garden
    Simon Rickard

    The main focus of the book is the plant index, which contains notes on hundreds of plant varieties and how they function in the garden. All gardeners will benefit from reading this book!

  • Det enkle liv

    Det enkle liv
    Frank Erichsen

    Frank Erichsen – ung, seriøs bondemand på Djursland – giver i denne bog sit bud på, hvordan man på én sæson klarer: – at bygge et drivhus, – høste sine æbler og lave cider af dem (sammen med nabo Claude), – holde gæs og bygge dem …

  • Stauder 32 opskrifter p de smukkeste bede

    Stauder – 32 opskrifter på de smukkeste bede
    Birgit Reimer, Maria Juhl Jakobsen

    STAUDER FOR ALLE Birgit og Maria er vilde med stauder.

  • Japanese Flower Arrangement

    Japanese Flower Arrangement
    Ellen Allen

    This Japanese gardening book is a practical, concise guide to flower arranging or Ikebana.

  • Hidropon a La Gu a Completa de Hidropon a Para Principiantes

    Hidroponía: La Guía Completa de Hidroponía Para Principiantes
    Nancy Ross

    Hidroponía: La Guía Completa de Hidroponía Para Principiantes por Nancy Ross Una Guía para Principiantes en Hidroponía ¡DESCUBRE LOS ELEMENTOS QUE NECESITAS PARA COMENZAR CON TU PROPIO JARDÍN HIDROPÓNICO!

  • Japanese Ikebana for Every Season

    Japanese Ikebana for Every Season
    Yuji Ueno, Rie Imai

    No matter what time of year it is and regardless of your taste or budget—the arrangements in this book will lend a touch of Japanese elegance to your home.

  • Sprinter and Sprummer

    Sprinter and Sprummer
    Timothy Entwisle

    Challenges the traditional four seasons, and encourages us to think about how we view changes in our natural world.

  • Olive Propagation Manual

    Olive Propagation Manual
    Andrea Fabbri, Giorgio Bartolini, Maurizio Lambardi, Stan Kailis

    Each of these issues are addressed throughout this book. The Olive Propagation Manual explores historical perspectives, traditional methods and state-of-the-art olive propagation including theoretical explanations and all practical aspects.

  • Conservatory and Greenhouse Gardening Collins Practical Gardener

    Conservatory and Greenhouse Gardening (Collins Practical Gardener)
    Lia Leendertz

    Whether it's a small citrus plant or a large vine, conservatory plants are more popular than ever.

  • Bonsai and Penjing

    Bonsai and Penjing
    Ann McClellan

    This book tells the awe-inspiring stories of bonsai and penjing trees in the collection of the National Arboretum in Washington D.C. It details their valuable role in international diplomacy and as instruments of American presidential …

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