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  • L arte del bonsai

    L’arte del bonsai
    Antonio Ricchiari

    ePub: FL0467

  • What’s BONSAI ?

    日本を代表する園芸文化が「盆栽」です。長い歴史があり、最近ではcool Japanのひとつとして、外国人にも高い人気を得ています。 …

  • Building My Zen Garden

    Building My Zen Garden
    Kieran Egan

    Inspired by a friend's balcony garden in Japan, the author, an avid if amateur gardener, returns to America and begins to build his own Japanese-style garden despite his inexperience and conflicts with Zen principles.

  • Serene Gardens

    Serene Gardens
    Yoko Kawaguchi

    Introduces the style, traditions, and principles of Japanese Zen gardening through the use of flowering plants, bamboo, wood, shrubs, and rocks, and includes plant lists, climate maps, and sample gardens.

  • The Cherry Blossom Festival

    The Cherry Blossom Festival
    Ann McClellan

    The most significant of the more than 175 varieties of Japanese ornamental trees featured, along with a discussion of Japanese garden design, and cultivation tips for home gardeners.

  • Living with Japanese Gardens

    Living with Japanese Gardens
    Chadine Flood Gong, Lisa Parramore, Svein Olslund

    Living with Japanese Gardens shows how to capture and integrate an authentic Japanese aesthetic into any landscape plan.

  • Hatch s Perennials Crinum Eucomis Lycoris Muscari and other bulbs

    Hatch’s Perennials: Crinum, Eucomis, Lycoris, Muscari, and other bulbs
    Laurence C. Hatch

    This volume is part of Hatch's Perennials 20016-2017, the largest project ever to catalog garden varieties of hardy herbaceous perennials and now with over 1200 pages of content available.

  • Cultivars of Woody Plants

    Cultivars of Woody Plants:
    Laurence C. Hatch

    This volumes covers cultivars of Juniperus pingii, procumbens, rigida (not including former J. conferta as J. rigida var. conferta), sabina, scopulorum, squamata, and virginiana in great detail with exclusive research, detailed history, …

  • International Register of Ornamental Plant Cultivars

    International Register of Ornamental Plant Cultivars:
    Laurence C. Hatch

    This is the latest Spring 2017 register of garden varieties of trees, shrubs, vines, and conifers registered by the Open Registration Of Cultivars (OROC aka O-Rock) project.

  • Japanese Landscapes

    Japanese Landscapes
    Cotton Mather, Pradyumna P. Karan, Shigeru Iijima

    From the busy streets of Tokyo to the secluded shores of Kyushu, from the volcanoes of Hokkaido to the temples of Kyoto, the treasured landscapes of Japan are brought to life in this concise visual guide.

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