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  • How to Cheat at Gardening and Yard Work

    How to Cheat at Gardening and Yard Work
    Jeff Bredenberg

    In How to Cheat at Gardening and Yard Work, you'll find hundreds of work-reducing, time-saving, cost-cutting gardening tips that will reward you with the best-looking yard and garden you've ever had with less work than ever before.

  • Sports Fields

    Sports Fields
    Jim Puhalla, Jeff Krans, Michael Goatley

    The completely updated edition of the definitive sports field book Recognizing that new developments in the design, construction, and maintenance of sports fields have literally changed the playing field, Sports Fields, Second Edition is …

  • Jerry Baker s Green Grass Magic

    Jerry Baker’s Green Grass Magic
    Jerry Baker

    How to grow grass.

  • Easy Lawns Low Maintenance Native Grasses for Gardeners Everywhere Issue 160

    Easy Lawns: Low Maintenance Native Grasses for Gardeners Everywhere, Issue 160
    Stevie Daniels, Brooklyn Botanic Garden

    Readers learn how to choose, buy, plant, and care for a wide variety of grasses in this unique guide, which includes region-specific instructions based on native terrain and climate conditions. Original.

  • Practical Groundsmanship

    Practical Groundsmanship
    L. White

    An excellent book on a topic rarely explained, Practical Groundsmanship will be the greatest possible assistance to all who have a responsibility of turf upkeep, from the park-keeper to the groundsman of the smallest local sports club.

  • Lawn Geek

    Lawn Geek
    Trey Rogers

    Dubbed the “Lawn Geek” by USA Today, turf scientist Trey Rogers explains how to master the well-manicured look in all climates, from basic site preparation to mowing, fertilizing, irrigating, and of course, safe and effective pest …

  • Taunton s Lawn Guide

    Taunton’s Lawn Guide
    John C. Fech

    Presents a common-sense approach to lawn care that features advice on how to account for budget, lifestyle, and time constraints; covering such topics as installation, routine maintenance, fixing problems, fertilizer, pests, disease, and …

  • Lawn in Order

    Lawn in Order
    Timothy Ameis

    This handbook provides a host of tips, information, advice, and discuses important facets of lawn care that includes: the basics of soil; watering techniques; aeration and its benefits; mowing; problem areas and how to address them; proper …

  • The American Meadow Garden

    The American Meadow Garden
    John Greenlee

    Kids and pets can play in complete safety, and birds and butterflies flock there. A prairie style planting is a place you want to be. With decades of experience as a nurseryman and designer, John Greenlee is the perfect guide.

  • Picture Perfect

    Picture Perfect
    David R. Mellor

    In this book, David Mellor, currently the director of grounds for the Boston Red Sox Baseball Club, shares the turf mowing and maintenance secrets that have made him one of the leading creators of elaborate patterns used on athletic turf …

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