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  • California Gardener s Handbook

    California Gardener’s Handbook
    Bruce Asakawa, Sharon Asakawa

    California Gardener's Handbook features: * Twelve popular plant categories, including annuals and waterwise selections* Chapters on edible gardening including citrus, fruits, nuts, and vegetables* Extensive selection of beautiful tropical …

  • The Art of Bonsai

    The Art of Bonsai
    Daphne & Cloe

    Bonsai is the art of creating miniature trees, cultivating them for years in a small vase.

  • Cultivars of Woody Plants

    Cultivars of Woody Plants:
    Laurence C. Hatch

    This volumes covers cultivars of Juniperus pingii, procumbens, rigida (not including former J. conferta as J. rigida var. conferta), sabina, scopulorum, squamata, and virginiana in great detail with exclusive research, detailed history, …

  •  C mo hacer una huerta en casa

    ¿Cómo hacer una huerta en casa?
    Somos Mamás

    Anímate a hacer una huerta en casa, es fácil!

  • Cultivars of Woody Plants Genera F

    Cultivars of Woody Plants: Genera F

    The volume starts with 147 different cultivars of Fagus in several species, going on to include Fargesia, x Fatshedera, Fatsia, Ficus (hardy), Firmiana, Forestiera, Fontanesia, Forsythia, Fothergilla (including the latest taxonomy), …

  • OROC Book I International Register of Ornamental Plant Cultivars

    OROC Book I: International Register of Ornamental Plant Cultivars
    Laurence C. Hatch

    THIS EDITION IS OUTDATED AND RETAINED HERE SOLELY FOR HISTORICAL REASONS TO DOCUMENT THE WORK. Please refer to newer OROC volumes on this platform for more current registrations.

  • Plants for Houston and the Gulf Coast

    Plants for Houston and the Gulf Coast
    Howard Garrett

    Garrett presents nearly 400 plants, both native and adapted, that grow well in Southeast Texas.

  • Hatch s Perennials Acanthus to Aurinia

    Hatch’s Perennials: Acanthus to Aurinia
    Laurence C. Hatch

    Acanthus to Aurinia. This 272 page volume for genera starting with A is larger than many perennial books for all genera.

  • Hatch s Perennials Salvia and Sedum

    Hatch’s Perennials: Salvia and Sedum
    Laurence C. Hatch

    This volume covers the cultivars of two major genera with detailed descriptions, original large digital images, history of cultivars, and sources links to new and rare material.

  • Plant Culture

    Plant Culture
    George Oliver

    George Oliver's 1909 work is a practical guide to the culture of flowering and ornamental plants for both the professional and the home grower.

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