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  • The New Ornamental Garden

    The New Ornamental Garden
    Simon Rickard

    The main focus of the book is the plant index, which contains notes on hundreds of plant varieties and how they function in the garden. All gardeners will benefit from reading this book!

  • 100 Garden Tips and Timesavers Issue 182

    100 Garden Tips and Timesavers, Issue 182
    Walter Chandoha

    With this latest in the distinguished Brooklyn Botanic Garden series, you can minimize maintenance and maximize enjoyment of your garden.

  • Discovering Australian Flora

    Discovering Australian Flora
    Fanny Karouta-Manasse

    This book will appeal to both local and overseas readers wishing to become more familiar with Australian native flora. The striking photographs will appeal to anyone with an appreciation and passion for nature's beauty.

  • Flower Growing in the North

    Flower Growing in the North
    George E. Luxton

    Rich with historical and cultural value, these works are published unaltered from the original University of Minnesota Press editions.

  • Sheridan Nurseries

    Sheridan Nurseries
    Edward Butts, Karl Stensson

    This beautifully designed book tells the 100-year story behind Ontario's beloved Sheridan Nurseries from its creation by Howard and Lorrie Dunington-Grubb to its overwhelming success today.

  • Flower Gardening in the Hot Midwest

    Flower Gardening in the Hot Midwest
    L. L. Hillegass

    The perfect handbook for beginning and intermediate gardeners, this practical, encouraging, user-friendly guide covers all the basics for flower gardening in the difficult climate of the hot Midwest.

  • The Garden Beautiful in California

    The Garden Beautiful in California
    Ernest Braunton

    Ernest Braunton's 1915 manual offers practical gardening advice to aid those who are planting in California.

  • The Garden Lover s Guide to the South

    The Garden Lover’s Guide to the South
    Paul Bennett

    " These three new volumes complete our survey of American gardens; together, the four books feature over 500 public gardens across the country. Each book is designed for readers to use as they travel through a state or region.

  • Weathering Winter

    Weathering Winter
    Carl H. Klaus

    In his distinctive daybook, Weathering Winter, Carl Klaus reminds readers that the season of brown twigs and icy gales is just as much a part of the year as when tulips open, tomatoes thrive, and pumpkins color the brown earth.

  • Black Decker The Complete Guide to Lower Midwest Gardening

    Black & Decker The Complete Guide to Lower Midwest Gardening
    Lynn M. Steiner

    "Provides a practical approach to gardening for the novice to intermediate gardener. Includes plant species descriptions, time-saving techniques and regional information for the Lower Midwest states"–Provided by publisher.

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