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  • Growing the Northeast Garden

    Growing the Northeast Garden
    Andrew Keys, Kerry Michaels

    TThe practical and beautiful Growing the Northeast Garden starts with a comprehensive overview of the weather and geography of the area, along with regionally specific advice on zones, microclimates, soil, pests, and maintenance.

  • Indiana Getting Started Garden Guide

    Indiana Getting Started Garden Guide
    Shawna Coronado

    Master the Indiana gardening climate with this photographic guide to more than 150 state-specific plants.

  • 100 Garden Tips and Timesavers Issue 182

    100 Garden Tips and Timesavers, Issue 182
    Walter Chandoha

    With this latest in the distinguished Brooklyn Botanic Garden series, you can minimize maintenance and maximize enjoyment of your garden.

  • The Pacific Northwest Gardener s Book of Lists

    The Pacific Northwest Gardener’s Book of Lists
    Ray A. McNeilan, Jan McNeilan

    More than 200 lists for Pacific Northwest gardeners.

  • Plant Pathologist s Pocketbook

    Plant Pathologist’s Pocketbook
    J. M. Waller, Jillian M. Lenné, Sarah J. Waller

    This book contains 5 sections covering the main activity groups in plant pathology.

  • Discovering Australian Flora

    Discovering Australian Flora
    Fanny Karouta-Manasse

    This book will appeal to both local and overseas readers wishing to become more familiar with Australian native flora. The striking photographs will appeal to anyone with an appreciation and passion for nature's beauty.

  • California Master Gardener Handbook 2nd Edition

    California Master Gardener Handbook, 2nd Edition
    Dennis Pittenger

    Whether you're a beginner double digging your first bed or a University of California Master Gardener, this handbook will be your go-to source for the practical, science-based information you need to sustainably maintain your landscape and …

  • California Gardener s Handbook

    California Gardener’s Handbook
    Bruce Asakawa, Sharon Asakawa

    California Gardener's Handbook features: * Twelve popular plant categories, including annuals and waterwise selections* Chapters on edible gardening including citrus, fruits, nuts, and vegetables* Extensive selection of beautiful tropical …

  • The Arizona Low Desert Flower Garden

    The Arizona Low Desert Flower Garden
    Kirti Mathura

    The Arizona Low Desert Flower Garden includes: Temperature variations of the region USDA Hardiness Zone Map Fertilization, sun exposure, plant maintenance, and soil information Information for choosing plant shape, color, contrast, texture, …

  • Field Book of Western Wild Flowers

    Field Book of Western Wild Flowers
    Margaret Armstrong

    This was the first comprehensive handbook to supply detailed information about the plethora of flowers growing in the western United States and includes detailed information on seventy-five plant families, like water-plantain, lily, …

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