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  • Australian Planting Design

    Australian Planting Design
    Paul Thompson

    The final section of the book looks at the dynamic garden and the importance of designing for change. Australian Planting Design focuses on how Australian plants may be used in gardens, whatever their size, function or site.

  • Apple Growing in California

    Apple Growing in California
    George Weldon, California State Commission of Horticult

    ""George Weldon, in conjunction with the California State Commission of Horticulture, created this 1914 work to aid in the successful commercial cultivation of apples within the state.""

  • Growing Fruits in HawaiĘ i also Herbs Nuts and Seeds

    Growing Fruits in Hawaiʻi (also Herbs, Nuts, and Seeds)
    Kathy Oshiro

    A guide to growing tasty and healthy fruits, herbs, nuts, and seeds in Hawai'i. Includes recipes.

  • Deep in the Green

    Deep in the Green
    Anne Raver

    Even non-gardeners will find this book of essays a source of profound pleasure, for Raver is a writer who transcends her subject even as she illuminates it, writing with such passion, wisdom and stylishmess that her book will enchant anyone …

  • Florida Getting Started Garden Guide

    Florida Getting Started Garden Guide
    Tom MacCubbin, Georgia B. Tasker

    "Florida Getting Started Garden Guide" features * More than 175 plant recommendations–chosen just for Florida gardeners for their ease of growing, maintenance, and the beauty they offer * Every plant type–from flowers and tropicals to …

  • Horticultural Flora of South eastern Australia Ferns conifers their allies

    Horticultural Flora of South-eastern Australia: Ferns, conifers & their allies
    Roger Spencer, Anita Barley, Su Pearson

    The series gives gardeners, horticulturists, landscape designers, park managers, students and botanists the means to identify garden plants, and provides detailed information on their botany and cultivation.

  • Native Plants for New England Gardens

    Native Plants for New England Gardens
    New England Wild Flower Society

    The presentation is aimed at gardeners, who want concise, practical information. It will also include material on the importance and desirability of using native plants. The heart of this book is 100 two-page spreads, one for each species.

  • Williamsburg s Glorious Gardens

    Williamsburg’s Glorious Gardens
    Roger Foley

    Williamsburg's Glorious Gardens showcases the horticultural heritage of Virginia's colonial capital.

  • Pat Welsh s Southern California Organic Gardening 3rd Edition

    Pat Welsh’s Southern California Organic Gardening (3rd Edition)
    Pat Welsh

    This edition includes 40 color photographs; a simple month-by-month format that shows gardeners exactly what to do throughout the year; terrific advice on gardening with drought-tolerant and fire-resistant plants; and plenty of fresh …

  • Flowering Trees of Florida

    Flowering Trees of Florida
    Mark Stebbins

    If you can't get enough of majestic trees, brightly colored flowers, and anything that grows from the ground up, you'll love this guide to 74 outstanding tropical flowering trees that will grow in Florida's subtropical climate.

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