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  • Putting Down Roots

    Putting Down Roots
    Marcia C. Carmichael

    In Putting Down Roots, historical gardener Marcia C. Carmichael guides us through these gardens, sharing insights on why the owners of the original houses—be they Yankee settlers, German, Norwegian, Irish, Danish, Polish, or Finnish …

  • New York New Jersey Month by Month Gardening

    New York & New Jersey Month-by-Month Gardening
    Kate Copsey

    Falling in line with the Cool Springs Press gardening series, this book provides monthly gardening advice, written just for New York and New Jersey gardeners.

  • The Bold Dry Garden

    The Bold Dry Garden
    Johanna Silver

    The Bold Dry Garden offers unparalleled access to the garden and the extraordinary woman responsible for it.

  •       е

    Боско, Эрнест

    Дыхание составляет важнейшую из всех деятельностей тела, ибо любой другой из видов его деятельности напрямую зависит от дыхания. …

  • The Monster in the Garden

    The Monster in the Garden
    Luke Morgan

    In The Monster in the Garden, Luke Morgan develops a new conceptual model of Renaissance landscape design, arguing that the monster was a key figure in Renaissance culture and that the incorporation of the monstrous into gardens was not …

  • The Inspired Garden

    The Inspired Garden
    Judy Paolini

    This book offers a most unusual personal look at 20 spectacular private gardens in New England that will inspire readers to look at their own gardens with fresh perspectives.

  • Texas Organic Vegetable Gardening

    Texas Organic Vegetable Gardening
    Howard Garrett

    This book shows you how to have healthy soil and recommends environmentally safe products and even some homemade remedies to control pests and diseases in your garden.

  • Prairie Plains States Month by Month Gardening

    Prairie & Plains States Month-by-Month Gardening
    Cathy Wilkinson-Barash

    This chronological organization makes the book easy for readers to navigate quickly and offers invaluable troubleshooting tips from gardening expert Cathy Wilkinson Barash.

  • Garden Wisdom

    Garden Wisdom
    Jerry Apps

    Gardening has always been a group endeavor for the Apps family. In Garden Wisdom, readers will learn gardening basics along with Jerry’s grandchildren as they become a new generation of gardeners.

  • Bay Area Gardening

    Bay Area Gardening
    Barbara J. Euser

    Written by local master gardeners, this collection of articles addresses the subject of Bay Area gardening in a no-nonsense manner that places an emphasis on environmentally friendly solutions.

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