Books in category Gardening – Shade

  • Got Shade

    Got Shade?
    Carolyn Harstad

    Carolyn Harstad, author of the best-selling Go Native!, organizes this book around the principle that an interesting shade garden is well balanced and has a variety of plantings. Early chapters focus on designing the low-maintenance garden.

  • Southern Shade

    Southern Shade
    Jo Kellum

    An illustrated horticultural reference focuses on plants for Southern gardens that thrive in conditions that can stymie even the most optimistic landscapers, and tailors choices to variances in light, moisture, and seasonal fluctuations.

  • New Shade Garden

    New Shade Garden
    Ken Druse

    Detailing all aspects of the gardening process, the book covers basic topics such as designing your own garden, pruning trees, preparing soil for planting, and the vast array of flowers and greenery that grow best in the shade.

  • Cultivars of Woody Plants Aucuba

    Cultivars of Woody Plants: Aucuba
    Laurence Hatch

    This revised monograph of Aucuba cultivars now includes over 173 distinct named clones from the 19th century to recent 2017 introductions. Large, 1250 pixel wide images are provided as well as detailed histories and scans of literature.

  • Taylor s Guide to Shade Gardening

    Taylor’s Guide to Shade Gardening
    Frances Tenenbaum

    Illustrates and describes more than 350 trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, bulbs, ground covers, and other plants for growing in the shade and includes gardening advice

  • Shade and Ornamental Trees

    Shade and Ornamental Trees
    Hui-Lin Li

    Tying together human migration with the spread of the cultivation of trees, the author has written a fascinating and informative book that tells the story of tree cultivation from ancient to modern times.

  • International Coleus Society Encyclopedia of Cultivars

    International Coleus Society Encyclopedia of Cultivars
    Laurence C. Hatch

    This comprehensive guide includes very precise taxonomic descriptions with hundreds of companion scans, high-res digital images, and historical nursery catalog documents.