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  • The New Ornamental Garden

    The New Ornamental Garden
    Simon Rickard

    The main focus of the book is the plant index, which contains notes on hundreds of plant varieties and how they function in the garden. All gardeners will benefit from reading this book!

  • La poda de frutales

    La poda de frutales
    Hansjörg Haas

    Cómo y cuándo podar cada especie. Plantas frutales más sanas, más bellas y con floraciones más abundantes

  • The Tree Shrub Finder

    The Tree & Shrub Finder
    Robert Kourik

    This practical guide to successful finishing for the occasional finisher and beginner will show you how to achieve a number of different effects, including speciality finishes and colour matching.

  • Garden Trees Collins Gem

    Garden Trees (Collins Gem)

    The only guide you need for choosing, planting and caring for beautiful trees in your garden. Filled with helpful photography and easy-to-follow tips, this essential book will make a successful gardener out of any complete beginner.

  • Australian Rainforest Woods

    Australian Rainforest Woods
    Morris Lake

    With more than 900 colour images, this is the most comprehensive guide ever written on Australian rainforest woods, both for the amateur and the professional wood enthusiast.

  • Forest Ecology and Conservation

    Forest Ecology and Conservation
    Adrian Newton

    The aim of this book is to outline the main methods and techniques available to forest ecologists.

  • Guide to Identifying Trees and Shrubs Plants A L

    Guide to Identifying Trees and Shrubs Plants A-L
    Mark Zampardo

    This is a plant identification book, pure and simple.

  • Pruning

    Judy Lowe

    DIVIn Pruning: An Illustrated Guide, award-winning gardening writer Judy Lowe imparts over two decades of expertise, focusing on the most common backyard pruning needs for the most commonly grown landscape plants./div DIVPrune Your Plants …

  • Trees of Hawai i

    Trees of Hawai’i
    Angela Kay Kepler

    Describes the flowers, leaves, bark, and wood of Hawaiian trees and shrubs, including coconut palms, mango, guava, and papaya trees, bougainvillea, and hibiscus.

  • Shrubs of the Great Basin

    Shrubs of the Great Basin
    Hugh Nelson Mozingo

    Mozingo presents the life histories of more than sixty species of both common and unusual shrubs, and discusses how shrubs grow, reproduce, and adapt to the extreme weather conditions that are part of daily life in the Great Basin.

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