Books in category Gardening – Topiary

  • Classic Bonsai of Japan

    Classic Bonsai of Japan
    John Bester

    This title introduces a collection of the finest bonsai pieces to be found in Japan today. Over 180 plates of priceless specimens with informative commentary provide a definitive tour of the bonsai world.

  • Container Topiary

    Container Topiary
    Susan Berry, Steven Wooster

    With advice on displaying the final results and an illustrated comprehensive directory of plants, this stunning book is inspirational!

  • Topiary for Everyone

    Topiary for Everyone
    Bobby Meyer

    Topiary is experiencing a revival of interest. Step-by-step photography illustrates innovative design projects, suitable for courtyard gardens, and both large and small gardens.'

  • Topiaries Espaliers

    Topiaries & Espaliers
    Linda Yang

    Shows how to shape vines and herbs, create topiary, and trim espaliered shrubs and fruit trees

  • Bonsai

    Jochen Pfisterer

    La naturaleza en miniatura dentro de casa