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  • Seeds

    Richard Horan

    This is more than a book about seeds—it's about literary heroes, forensic forestry, and self-discovery." —Spike Carlsen, author of A Splintered History of Wood The Orchid Thief meets Botany of Desire meets Driving Einstein's Brain in …

  • Possum in the Pawpaw Tree

    Possum in the Pawpaw Tree
    B. Rosie Lerner, Beverly S. Netzhammer

    The material here is arranged to provide a handy month-by-month guide for indoor and outdoor gardening activities, both for the novice and the more experienced gardener.

  • Christmas Trees for Pleasure and Profit

    Christmas Trees for Pleasure and Profit
    Robert D. Wray

    The book presents useful techniques for protecting the growing trees from weeds, animals, fire, insects, and disease, and offers a full description of shearing or shaping trees to improve their form and density–keys to a successful crop.

  • The Tree Shrub Finder

    The Tree & Shrub Finder
    Robert Kourik

    This practical guide to successful finishing for the occasional finisher and beginner will show you how to achieve a number of different effects, including speciality finishes and colour matching.

  • Street Trees in Britain

    Street Trees in Britain
    Mark Johnston

    This is the first book on the history of BritainÕs street trees and it gives a highly readable, authoritative and often amusing account of their story, from the tree-lined promenades of the seventeenth century to the majestic boulevards …

  • Storie di Superalberi

    Storie di Superalberi
    Andrea Maroè

    Uno sciamano arriva in Italia per conoscere un tree-climber arboricoltore.

  • How to Plant a Tree

    How to Plant a Tree
    Daniel Butler

    How to Plant a Tree will inspire readers to view trees as living structures of hope that will be treasured for generations to come.

  • Garden Trees Collins Gem

    Garden Trees (Collins Gem)

    The only guide you need for choosing, planting and caring for beautiful trees in your garden. Filled with helpful photography and easy-to-follow tips, this essential book will make a successful gardener out of any complete beginner.

  • Republic of Shade

    Republic of Shade
    Thomas J. Campanella

    'Elm Street' has satisfied America's quest for a pastoral urbanism since the time of Jefferson.

  • Pecan

    Lenny Wells

    Among the many colorful anecdotes that make the book fascinating reading are the story of André Pénicaut’s introduction of the pecan to Europe, the development of a Latin name based on historical descriptions of the same plant over time …

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