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  • The Tree Shrub Finder

    The Tree & Shrub Finder
    Robert Kourik

    A guide to the use of ornamental shrubs and trees in the landscape, including information about their selection and care.

  • Tailler les arbres fruitiers en 10 leĂ ons et 3 coups de sĂ cateur

    Tailler les arbres fruitiers en 10 leçons et 3 coups de sĂ©cateur…
    Armelle Cottenceau

    Ce livre présente de façon simple et précise ce qu'il faut savoir pour bien tailler ses arbres fruitiers.

  • Tree Spirituality

    Tree Spirituality
    DJ MacPherson

    In a fun filled approach this book is a beginner’s reflection of the myths and stories from the trees and the cultures that integrate with them.

  • Christmas Trees for Pleasure and Profit

    Christmas Trees for Pleasure and Profit
    Robert D. Wray

    Robert Wray has updated this fourth edition to include the latest techniques and tools for harvesting trees, new methods of transport, the most recent data on herbicides, and advice on how to run a Christmas-tree business today.

  • Pecan

    Lenny Wells

    Among the many colorful anecdotes that make the book fascinating reading are the story of AndrĂ© PĂ©nicaut’s introduction of the pecan to Europe, the development of a Latin name based on historical descriptions of the same plant over time …

  • How to Make a Forest Garden

    How to Make a Forest Garden
    Patrick Whitefield

    This book explains in detail permaculture design for temperate climates and contains much of interest for anybody wanting to introduce sustainable practices into their garden.

  • Pruning

    Judy Lowe

    DIVIn Pruning: An Illustrated Guide, award-winning gardening writer Judy Lowe imparts over two decades of expertise, focusing on the most common backyard pruning needs for the most commonly grown landscape plants./div DIVPrune Your Plants …

  • A Handbook of Native American Herbs

    A Handbook of Native American Herbs
    Alma R. Hutchens

    Identifies and describes the therapeutic use of a variety of plants used by Native Americans, and discusses their use in Russian traditional medicine

  • The Fruits and Fruit Trees of Monticello

    The Fruits and Fruit Trees of Monticello
    Peter J. Hatch

    The story of Jefferson's struggle to produce a useful and ornamental garden on a grand scale – so carefully documented in his letters and papers – makes for fascinating reading.


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