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  • Beans

    Ken Albala

    A lively global history of the bean reveals the lesser-known controversies attributed to the ubiquitous legume, from Pythagoras's opinion that the bean was the seat of the soul to St. Jerome's forbiddance of their consumption by nuns …

  • Potager au carrĂ

    Potager au carré
    Rosenn Le Page

    Vous manquez de temps et de place, mais vous aimeriez avoir un potager ?

  • The Profitable Culture of Vegetables

    The Profitable Culture of Vegetables
    Thomas Smith

    ""The aim of this 1913 work by Thomas Smith is to supply the small-scale grower with all the information needed to maintain a productive vegetable business, from preparing the soil to marketing the vegetables.""

  • A Guide to Starting Early Vegetable and Flowering Plants in the Hothouse

    A Guide to Starting Early Vegetable and Flowering Plants in the Hothouse
    Charles H. Nissley

    This antique book comprises a concise yet comprehensive guide to growing plants using hot houses.

  • Container Gardening

    Container Gardening
    Patricia R. Barrett

    There are now more than 170 titles in this series, and their remarkable popularity reflects the common desire of country and city dwellers alike to cultivate personal independence in everyday life.

  • Detroit s Eastern Market

    Detroit’s Eastern Market
    Lois Johnson, Margaret Thomas

    In this third edition of Detroit’s Eastern Market, authors Lois Johnson and Margaret Thomas recount the history of the market with additional stories and personal accounts of families who have worked and shopped there for as many as four …

  • Mediterranean Vegetables

    Mediterranean Vegetables
    Clifford A. Wright

    A comprehensive A-to-Z culinary reference to one of the world's healthiest cuisines with more than 20 recipes.

  • A Home Vegetable Garden

    A Home Vegetable Garden
    Ella Freeman, Mary Freeman Ella Mary Freeman

    ""Ella Freeman's 1922 book provides practical information on laying out a new vegetable garden or preparing an established one, as well as information on tools, insects, harvesting, and the characteristics of particular vegetables to be …

  • A Manual of Vegetable Plants

    A Manual of Vegetable Plants
    Issac Tillinghast

    Tillinghast's 1878 guide offers concise information on growing vegetables from seed in both greenhouse and open-field conditions.

  • Grow Organic

    Grow Organic
    Nick Hamilton

    Organic gardening is easy, especially when you've got an authoritative guide to help.

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