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  • Natural Supplements for Diabetes

    Natural Supplements for Diabetes
    Frank Murray

    This book examines clinically proven dietary strategies, supplements, and lifestyle changes:- Why a healthful diet is important- Nutritional supplements for treating diabetes- The benefits of exercise- Specific recommendations for treating …

  • Water

    Steve Meyerowitz

    With WATER – THE ULTIMATE CURE, you can learn what type of water is best for you and how to use it to achieve maximum health.

  • Acupuncture and the Chakra Energy System

    Acupuncture and the Chakra Energy System
    John R. Cross

    The book describes the seven major and twenty-one minor chakras in detail and explains how each is related to the body's aura, meridians, Key points, endocrine glands, autonomic nervous system, and varying symptomatology.

  • Body Self Soul

    Body Self & Soul
    Jack Lee Rosenberg, Ph.D., Marjories Rand, Ph.D., Diane Assay

    This book helps both professionals and lay readers learn: -The basic tools of Integrative Body Psychotherapy -Segments of the body, and how they work together -The stages in development of the self -The physical/energetic level of sexuality …

  • The Bible Cure for Skin Disorders

    The Bible Cure for Skin Disorders
    Don Colbert

    Learn biblical secrets about nutrition, supplements and exercise that will rejuvenate, refresh and revive your skin. This book contains findings that your doctor may never have told you about acne, psoriasis and eczema.

  • Self Healing with Reiki

    Self-Healing with Reiki
    Penelope Quest

    Essential reading for everyone who has worked with Reiki at any level, Self-Healing with Reiki includes: New ways of using Reiki for a healthier and more balanced life A holistic approach to self-healing, addressing psychological, emotional …

  • Geborgen wachsen

    Geborgen wachsen
    Susanne Mierau

    Susanne Mierau entwickelte unter dem Begriff des „geborgenen Aufwachsens“ einen zeitgemäßen, bedürfnisorientierten und liebevollen Erziehungsstil, der sich am Attachment Parenting orientiert.


    José Santos Nalda

    Toda persona da como supuesta la unión entre el cuerpo y la mente.

  • Emotional Release Therapy

    Emotional Release Therapy
    Walter Weston

    Then he developed Emotional Release Therapy (ERT), a simple technique that permanently removes painful and traumatic memories along with self-destructive emotional states like depression, grief, fear, and anger.

  • Der Schmerz sitzt tiefer

    Der Schmerz sitzt tiefer
    Steven Levenkron

    Einfühlsam und verständlich beschreibt Steven Levenkron die Persönlichkeitsstruktur der Betroffenen, die Merkmale, Hintergründe und Wege der Bewältigung dieses zunächst rätselhaft erscheinenden Verhaltens.

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