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  • Dermatopathology

    Eduardo Zappi, Eduardo A. Zappi

    This book shall assist the microscopist in a practical way, with the help of three mainstays, a. clinical information, b. the resources a standard histopathology laboratory may offer and c. the light microscope, to approach and solve the …

  • Health Disparities in Youth and Families

    Health Disparities in Youth and Families
    Gustavo Carlo, Lisa J. Crockett, Miguel A. Carranza

    Contributors approach their subjects with realism as well as optimism as the book: povides reliable information on the scope and etiology of health disparities, identifies the methodological and political challenges associated with this …

  • Diffuse Low Grade Gliomas in Adults

    Diffuse Low-Grade Gliomas in Adults
    Hugues Duffau

    This book presents the latest research pertaining to the diagnosis, therapy and management of diffuse low-grade gliomas (DLGG) in adults, with a particular focus on the path towards individualised therapy for this kind of tumour.

  • Cole I Love You to the Moon and Back

    Cole I Love You to the Moon and Back
    Aaron Dean Ruotsala

    Like most parents, the thought of having to bury your child never crossed our minds, especially from a cancer we had never heard about.

  • Healing into Possibility

    Healing into Possibility
    Alison Bonds Shapiro

    This is the author's account of her remarkable recovery from two life-threatening, life-challenging bleeds into her brain stem, the part of the nervous system that governs most of our vital functions, including breathing and heartbeat.

  • Epilepsy in Women

    Epilepsy in Women
    Tim Betts, Harriet Clarke

    The book contains numerous case histories, which provide surprising insights into the experiences of women with epilepsy, and 'Myths' and 'Facts' boxes which help the reader sort the valuable information from the misleading.

  • Not Dead Yet

    Not Dead Yet
    Phil Southerland, John Hanc

    Part memoir, part sports adventure, Not Dead Yet tells the inspirational story of Phil Southerland's battle with Type 1 diabetes and how from diagnosis to sheer determination, Phil Southerland beat all odds and turned his diagnosis and his …

  • Food Sex and Salmonella

    Food, Sex and Salmonella
    David Waltner-Toews

    In this lively look at foodborne illnesses, David Waltner-Toews discusses food-related problems caused by bacteria, viruses, and parasites, including death by puffer fish, rollicking tales of tapeworms, neurological problems brought on by …

  • Parkinson s Disease

    Parkinson’s Disease
    Shelley Peterman Schwarz

    An indispensable resource for patients, families, and caregivers Filled with creative tips and techniques, this updated second edition of Parkinson's Disease: 300 Tips for Making Life Easier contains a wealth of ideas and shortcuts for …

  • K stlich essen bei Reizdarm

    Köstlich essen bei Reizdarm
    Anne Iburg, Wolfgang Kruis

    Genussvoll essen für jeden Reizdarm-Typ Alles Gute für Ihren Darm Sie meinen, es gäbe keine spezielle Reizdarm-Diät?

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