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  • Lean in 15 The Shape Plan

    Lean in 15 – The Shape Plan
    Joe Wicks

    The second book by the record-breaking bestselling author Joe Wicks. EAT MORE. BUILD MUSCLE. BURN FAT. Lean in 15: The Shape Plan introduces a new way of eating and training to build lean muscle and burn more fat.

  • Fit to Lead

    Fit to Lead
    Christopher P. Neck, Tedd L. Mitchell, Charles C. Manz, Emmet C. Thompson, II

    Praise for Fit to Lead "If you want to get more out of life and lead others to do the same, I strongly recommend that you read this book.

  • Designing Effective Instructional Tasks for Physical Education and Sports

    Designing Effective Instructional Tasks for Physical Education and Sports
    David Charles Griffey, Lynn Dale Housner

    Loaded with student-friendly features, this book is an ideal resource for physical education and coaching methods or pedagogy courses.

  • Runner s World Guide to Cross Training

    Runner’s World Guide to Cross-Training
    Matt Fitzgerald

    Features everything runners need to know about the best cross-training programs available, including a series of strength exercises, non-impact cardiovascular activities, and suggestions on how to integrate running and cross-training.

  • Yoga for Cyclists

    Yoga for Cyclists
    Lexie Williamson

    This is the ideal, no-nonsense resource, where every stretch, strengthening posture, breathing or recovery technique relates back to its impact on performance.

  • Get Fit in Bed

    Get Fit in Bed
    Genie Tartell, Ted Kavanau

    These forty-two easy-to-follow exercises adapt techniques from yoga, Pilates, karate, and stretching into a fitness routine that increases flexibility, tones and shapes muscles, builds strength, and promotes peace of mind—all from the …

  • Essentials of Eccentric Training

    Essentials of Eccentric Training
    Kravitz, Len, Bubbico, Aaron

    The text provides the physiological explanations, exercises, and sample programs beneficial to introducing eccentric training into clients’ workouts.

  • Tactical Barbell Presents Ageless Athlete

    Tactical Barbell Presents: Ageless Athlete
    Jim Madden

    In Tactical Barbell Presents: Ageless Athlete, Jim Madden hones the Tactical Barbell system to fit the needs of trainees who have reached middle age and beyond.

  • Innovative Approaches to Researching Landscape and Health

    Innovative Approaches to Researching Landscape and Health
    Catharine Ward Thompson, Peter Aspinall, Simon Bell

    This book addresses the growing interest in salutogenic environments – landscapes that support healthy lifestyles and promote well-being – and the need for innovative methods to research them.

  • Social Psychology of Exercise and Sport

    Social Psychology of Exercise and Sport
    Hagger Martin Chatzisarantis Nikos, Martin Hagger

    Rather than presenting a broad, superficial overview of diverse areas in exercise and sport, the book focuses on a range of selected topics and provides a comprehensive, in-depth and analytical coverage using social psychology as a …

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