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  • The Chemistry of Joy

    The Chemistry of Joy
    Henry Emmons, MD, Rachel Kranz

    Argues that medication alone is insufficient to treat depression, and draws on eastern and western approaches that address depression as a symptom of chemical imbalances that can be treated psychologically, spiritually, and physically …

  • Reiki

    Joyce J. Morris, William Morris

    This introduction to Reiki outlines its history and the authors' lineage to its tradition and principles. Also covered are legal and ethical aspects of the treatment and examples of Reiki healing miracles.

  • El arte de desaprender

    El arte de desaprender
    Enric Corbera

    En está a obra, Enric Corbera expone las teorías de la ciencia de Vanguardia —un saber consolidado, expuesto con claridad y bien argumentado— donde fundamenta el método de la bioneuroemoción, la terapia que integra múltiples …

  • Holistic Healing

    Holistic Healing
    Saint Hildegard, Mary Palmquist, John Stanley Kulas, Patrick Madigan

    She also profoundly influenced the convent and folk medicine traditions of her time. Holistic Healing concerns the causes of illnesses and nature's remedies for them. The sources of her knowledge are not clear to this day.

  • Complementary and Alternative Medicine and Psychiatry

    Complementary and Alternative Medicine and Psychiatry
    Philip R. Muskin

    The book is written from the perspective of clinicians who practice in both traditional and alternative medicine. The book covers the major areas in CAM, including herbal medicine and nutrients, acupuncture, meditative therapies, and yoga.

  • Healing Lessons

    Healing Lessons
    Sidney J. Winawer, Nick Taylor

    Healing Lessons is a testament to the strength of love and the story of a doctor's transformation–the new treatments he embraced and the lessons he learned on the opposite side of the doctor-patient relationship.

  • Top Screwups Doctors Make and How to Avoid Them

    Top Screwups Doctors Make and How to Avoid Them
    Joe Graedon, Teresa Graedon

    While many patients feel vulnerable and dependent on their health care providers, this book is a startling wake-up call to how wrong doctors can be.

  • Yoga for Transformation

    Yoga for Transformation
    Gary Kraftsow

    In Yoga for Transformation, Gary Kraftsow introduces techniques that treat not only the physical body but also the emotions, mind, heart, and soul of the practitioner-the places where real transformation can take place.

  • The Quantum Mind and Healing

    The Quantum Mind and Healing
    Arnold Mindell

    Specifically, this is Dr. Arnold Mindell’s new model of medicine based on the mind-blowing findings of a host of quantum physicists–pioneers who are reconfiguring the landscape of our world and belief structure on an almost daily basis.

  • A Body Out of Balance

    A Body Out of Balance
    Ruth Fremes, Nancy Carteron

    An overview of Sjèogren's Syndrome, a debilitating autoimmune and rheumatological disorder, provides a look at its symptoms, treatments, and coping techniques and offers advice on creating a personal treatment program.

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