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  • The Caregiver s Toolbox

    The Caregiver’s Toolbox
    Carolyn P. Hartley, Peter Wong

    Millions of Americans are or will be amateur caregivers for ill spouses, parents, or friends.

  • Solving the Health Care Problem

    Solving the Health Care Problem
    Pamela Behan

    Examines Australia and Canada to help explain why the United States provides less health care protection than other democratic nations.

  • Conquering Pain

    Conquering Pain
    Jay B. Forrest

    Conquering Pain explores the nature of your pain, the part your mind plays in it, and how both you and your doctor might define it; it describes the main features of pain management, and pain relief, and it provides specific exercise …

  • Tudo posso mas nem tudo me convĂ m

    Tudo posso, mas nem tudo me convém
    Gisela Savioli

  • Population Health Management for Poly Chronic Conditions

    Population Health Management for Poly Chronic Conditions
    Thomas T.H. Wan

    This book is dedicated to population health management and how it can be used to improve the health care and outcomes for patients with poly chronic conditions.

  • Stir

    Jessica Fechtor

    A national bestseller and winner of a Living Now Book Award, Stir is an exquisite memoir about how food connects us to ourselves, our lives, and each other.

  • Ethics in Medicine

    Ethics in Medicine
    Jennifer Jackson

    Jennifer Jackson seeks to answer these significant questions, establishing new foundations for a traditional and secular ethic which would not require a radical and problematic overhaul of the old.

  • God s Hotel

    God’s Hotel
    Victoria Sweet

    God’s Hotel tells their story and the story of the hospital itself, which, as efficiency experts, politicians, and architects descended, determined to turn it into a modern “health care facility,” revealed its own surprising truths …

  • Taking Charge of Cancer

    Taking Charge of Cancer
    David Palma

    Now that you’ve received a cancer diagnosis, it’s time to set a plan in motion for your recovery. This book will help you do just that—every step of the way.

  • The Personalized Medicine Revolution

    The Personalized Medicine Revolution
    Pieter Cullis

    The Personalized Medicine Revolution explores recent advances in genomics, the study of the human genome — as well as its cousins proteomics, metabolomics, microbiomics, and the like — and explains how technology is even now changing …

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