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  • Back your ass up from that table

    Back your ass up from that table!
    Larry Hall

  • The Women s Pharmacy

    The Women’s Pharmacy
    Julie Catalano

    This authoritative guide provides an essential list of the drugs used exclusively by women — fertility drugs, contraceptives, breast cancer drugs, estrogens — plus drugs for cardiovascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis, depression, high …

  • Scale Down

    Scale Down
    Danna Demetre

    Revised and completely updated, this new edition of Scale Down offers a balanced, realistic approach to good health incorporating both spiritual principles and practical diet and fitness habits.

  • Fire Up Your Metabolism

    Fire Up Your Metabolism
    Lyssie Lakatos, Tammy Lakatos Shames

    Always eat dinner, even if it's late. Focus on muscle building, not cardiovascular workouts. With Fire Up Your Metabolism, you won't have to avoid restaurants or follow a diet (though one is included if you like regimentation).

  • Get a Grip

    Get a Grip
    Douglas Weiss

    You have the power to break addictive behaviors! In his typical tell-it-like-it-is style, Dr. Doug Weiss leads you on a journey that will help you identify controlling behaviors and break free from their unhealthy vicious cycle in your life

  • The Scavengers Manifesto

    The Scavengers’ Manifesto
    Anneli Rufus, Kristan Lawson

    Whether it's refurbishing a discarded wooden door into a dining-room table; finding a bicycle on; or giving a neighbor who just had a baby that cute never-used teddy bear your child didn't bond with, in this book Rufus and …

  • The Longevity Prescription

    The Longevity Prescription
    Robert N. Butler

    The Longevity Prescription outlines eight essential facets of longevity: exercise, nutrition, mental vitality, sleep, relaxation, love and intimacy, community connections, and medical care.

  • The Best in Tent Camping Pennsylvania

    The Best in Tent Camping: Pennsylvania
    Matt Willen

    In addition to providing campers with essential information about each campground (including season, rates, facilities, and how to reserve a site), the guide identifies the best sites at the best campgrounds, offers information on exciting …

  • Healthy Travel

    Healthy Travel
    Michael P. Zimring, Lisa Iannucci

    Healthy Travel is a Basic Health Books publication.

  • Diet Survivorâ s Handbook

    Diet Survivor’s Handbook
    Judith Matz, Ellen Frankel

    This book can show you how to: * Never diet again and allow your weight to stabilize * Stop feeling guilty about eating the foods you love * Free up all that mental energy to be more productive and have more fun in life * Get in touch with …

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