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  • Sound

    Bella Bathurst

    Sound draws on this extraordinary experience, exploring what it is like to lose your hearing and – as Bella eventually did – to get it back, and what that teaches you about listening and silence, music and noise.

  • The Acoustic Reflex

    The Acoustic Reflex
    Shlomo Silman

    The monograph is recommended for clinicians and researchers in audiology, deaf education, hearing science, neurology, otolaryngology, physiology, and psychology. The book will also serve as a reference text in a course on impedance.

  • Anomia

    Matti Laine

    Written by two internationally known researchers in the field, this book provides a broad, integrated overview of current research on anomia.

  • Leitfaden Sprache Sprechen Stimme Schlucken

    Leitfaden Sprache Sprechen Stimme Schlucken
    Julia Siegmüller, Hendrik Bartels

    Wissen auf den Punkt gebracht Das prägnante Nachschlagewerk mit spezifisch sprach-, sprech-, stimm- und schlucktherapeutischer Ausrichtung!

  • Yoga for Stuttering

    Yoga for Stuttering
    J. M. Balakrishnan

    The book presents three related branches of yoga and their accompanying practices, nada yoga (chanting and vocalization), hatha yoga (yoga poses), and raja yoga (guided meditations), providing the reader with sets of voice, breathing, and …

  • Tinnitus No More

    Tinnitus No More
    Brian M. Lawrence

    Some of the best ways to manage tinnitus is through alternative and natural remedies. This is where "Tinnitus No More" can help.

  • Valuing Deaf Worlds in Urban India

    Valuing Deaf Worlds in Urban India
    Michele Ilana Friedner

    More broadly, this book explores how deafness, deaf sociality, and sign language relate to contemporary society.

  • Childhood Ear Infections

    Childhood Ear Infections
    Michael A. Schmidt

    Research increasingly questions the safety and efficacy of antibiotics in treating ear infections in small children. This guide explores the underlying causes of the problem and suggests new strategies.

  • Overcoming Hearing Aid Fears

    Overcoming Hearing Aid Fears
    John M. Burkey

    Annotation "An informative, easy-to-use guide that explains the faith & facts & dispels misconception about hearing aids."

  • The Way I Hear It

    The Way I Hear It
    Gael Hannan

    If you think hearing loss is just a condition of old age—think again. In The Way I Hear It, Gael Hannan explodes one myth after another in a witty and insightful journey into life with hearing loss at every age.

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