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  • There s Much More Than a Smile

    There’s Much More Than a Smile
    Brent T. Clifford

    Are your teeth wearing away? Do you plan on wearing dentures when you get older? Are you happy about the appearence of you teeth? If any of these and other questions have been yours, then this is a book you need to read.

  • Things You Should Know about Teeth

    Things You Should Know about Teeth
    Benjamin Lee (B.D.S.), Benjamin Lee B. D. S.

    This book describes the 10 problems everyone has at the dentist and how they are solved.

  • The Naked Tooth

    The Naked Tooth
    Colleen Olitsky, Jason Olitsky

    They are shocked to hear that a dentist needs no training or experience in smile makeover procedures before claiming they do cosmetic dentistry. This is so misleading to the consumer and results in people unhappy with their new smiles.

  • Watch Your Mouth

    Watch Your Mouth
    Judy Diamond, Linda Allison, Rebecca Smith

    So open wide and discover, experiment, observe. Get friendly with your billions of secret micro pals. This book tells you how and why you will want to Watch Your Mouth! This book is for middle grade readers (ages 9-12) and educators.

  • Cimientos Para Una Paternidad Y Maternidad Responsable

    Cimientos Para Una Paternidad Y Maternidad Responsable
    Dra. María Esther Barradas Alarcón

    Los padres, al igual que un escultor, que para realizar una escultura, lo primero que tiene es una visión de lo que quiere esculpir, después se asegura de contar con todos los materiales e instrumentos que utilizará para su realización …


    Written by Ellen Broyles

    Hooray for Ellen Broyles! I can honestly say that I appreciate her writing this book; the information has been kept un-der cover for too long. Thanks, Ellen. —Terry Mills Ellen the book is great!

  • You Can Conquer Your Dental Fear

    You Can Conquer Your Dental Fear
    Dr. Ronald Linden

    Sometimes, these patients are looking for just a sympathetic ear or advice on what they can do themselves. This book is an attempt to reveal how a patient with severe anxiety can come back into the dental fold.

  • Understanding Dental Health

    Understanding Dental Health
    Francis G. Serio

    Unfortunately, unlike your car, your mouth did not come with a guide to operation and repair. This book can serve as an "owner's manual," for it was written for those who hope to understand the mouth and how to keep it healthy.

  • A Consumer s Guide to Dental Insurance

    A Consumer’s Guide to Dental Insurance
    Warren A. Brill

    Selecting a dental insurance plan for your family can be a confusing experience. In A Consumer's Guide to Dental Insurance , Dr. Warren A. Brill outlines the steps you need to take in order to help maximize your family's dental health.

  • Interface Oral Health Science 2009

    Interface Oral Health Science 2009
    Takashi Sasano, Osamu Suzuki

    The Tohoku University Graduate School of Dentistry has proposed Interface Oral Health Science as the main theme of next-generation dental research since 2002.

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