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  • Hail Caesar

    Hail Caesar
    Caroline De Costa

    For mothers, mothers to be, fathers, partners, families and all those just interested in birth, here is the definitive book on caesarean section in Australia in the 21st century.

  • Your Pregnancy Week by Week

    Your Pregnancy Week by Week
    Philippa Kaye

    With clear, authoritative advice that demystifies complex medical jargon, this indispensable guide takes you through each stage of pregnancy, addressing common concerns and questions to ensure a healthy start for your baby.

  • Schwangerschafts Yoga

    Barbara Kündig

    Egal in welchem Trimester der Schwangerschaft Sie sind – alle Übungen sind leicht erlernbar und bedenkenlos durchzuführen. Rollen Sie Ihre Matte aus, legen Sie die CD ein und genießen Sie das Erlebnis Schwangerschafts-Yoga. – Einfach.

  • Is Breast Best

    Is Breast Best?
    Joan B. Wolf

    The nature of the work we do and the conditions under which we do it profoundly shape our lives. And yet, both of these factors are peripheral to mainstream economics.

  • Potty Training In One Week

    Potty Training In One Week
    Gina Ford

    This clearly organised book makes potty training easy, and even fun.

  • A Holistic Guide To Embracing Pregnancy Childbirth And Motherhood

    A Holistic Guide To Embracing Pregnancy, Childbirth, And Motherhood
    Karen Salt

    In this holistic guide, the expectant mother will find warm and reassuring advice that will help her stay calm, focused, and energized during this exciting time and beyond.Rather than treat the arrival of a baby as strictly a one-moment-in …

  • The Everything Vegan Pregnancy Book

    The Everything Vegan Pregnancy Book
    Reed Mangels

    With this helpful guide, you will learn about all aspects of vegan pregnancy from conception to bringing home baby, including: – Which foods to eat (and avoid!) to get optimum nutrients for you and baby – How to deal with disapproval from …

  • Fetal Positions

    Fetal Positions
    Karen Newman

    Containing a wealth of illustrations, a critical study of images of fetuses, pregnancy, and childbirth from the sixteenth century to the present traces the influence of such images on public and professional opinion about abortion and …

  • Yoga for Pregnancy

    Yoga for Pregnancy
    Sandra Jordan

    This is a supportive guide to safe, gentle stretches that can help pregnancy women adjust to the phsycial and mental demands of labor birth, and motherhood.

  • Staying Mum

    Staying Mum
    Mara Lee

    Staying Mum breaks the silence, exploring life on Planet Mum, as opposed to Planet Me. This is the book for everyone who has wondered where that promised turning point is, everyone who had navigated their way through the glut of designer …

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