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  • C

    Richard E. Schingoethe

    'C' can help smooth out "speed bumps" on the highway to forever, and make your Couple-times more meaningful, more enjoyable. Perhaps because, in many ways, 'C' is every reader's story, too.

  • Yale Law Journal Volume 123 Number 3 December 2013

    Yale Law Journal: Volume 123, Number 3 – December 2013
    Yale Law Journal

    The December issue of The Yale Law Journal (the third of Volume 123, academic year 2013-2014) features new articles and essays on law and legal theory by internationally recognized scholars.

  • The Concise Encyclopedia of Women s Sexual and Reproductive Health

    The Concise Encyclopedia of Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health
    Deborah Mitchell

    Learn the facts—for every age and stage of life—with A Concise Encyclopedia of Women's Sexual and Reproductive Health • Comprehensive information on the health challenges today's women face throughout life, all in an easy-to-follow, A …

  • Sex Dating and Really Confusing Girls

    Sex, Dating and Really Confusing Girls
    Sue Ostler

    Sex, Dating and Really Confusing Girls! sets out to offer the soundest, sanest, wittiest information you'll ever get about life as a single guy whilst giving you the scoop on what the other sex is thinking.

  • Self Esteem as a Factor in Sex

    Self-Esteem as a Factor in Sex
    Scott Lobato

    If we cannot acknowledge self, how can we acknowledge the other? This book may appeal to those who are clamoring for something on a deep emotional level, estimation.

  • Organiser son mariage Pour les Nuls

    Organiser son mariage Pour les Nuls

    Votre mariage restera dans les annales ! Écrit à quatre mains par une wedding planner et une journaliste du Figaro (qui parlent encore de leur mariage avec des étoiles plein les yeux !), Organiser son mariage pour les Nuls vous simplifie …

  • Not Tonight Darling

    Not Tonight, Darling!
    Kirsten Ahlburg Kirsten Ahlburg

    The book goes through the various causes, in couplehood or the woman‘s own life, of the problem, such as stress, being pressed for time, pregnancy and childbirth, her role as a mother, her relationship to her own body, fear and pain, a …

  • Sex Camp

    “Sex Camp”
    Brian McNaught

    Thirty-two strangers arrive at a Church-owned retreat facility on Saturday to work with some of the best trainers in the field of sexuality.

  • Your Affair

    Your Affair!
    H. Cameron Barnes

    Contrary to what the media like to portray, many of the major pitfalls are avoidable and an extramarital relationship can bring a person greater happiness and personal growth if properly managed. Your Affair shows how.

  • Seniors Guide to the Dating Game

    Seniors Guide to the Dating Game
    Peter J Shield, Dr, PhD

    This is a practical guide to the difficulties encountered by senior men and woman in finding romance during the so-called golden years! Dr. Shield is a retired archaeologist and broadcaster who recently married his 7th wife.

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