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  • In Sickness and in Health

    In Sickness and in Health
    Mary E. O’Brien

    A guide to women's health issues explains how men can help their partners through physical, psychological, and emotional changes

  • The Doctor s Complete College Girls Health Guide

    The Doctor’s Complete College Girls’ Health Guide
    Jennifer Wider, M.D.

    Written in consultation with college grads who’ve been there and done that, this is the most important book you'll carry for the next four years. From the Trade Paperback edition.

  • Sex Differences and Implications for Translational Neuroscience Research

    Sex Differences and Implications for Translational Neuroscience Research
    Institute of Medicine, Board on Health Sciences Policy, Forum on Neuroscience and Nervous System Disorders

    The Institute of Medicine held a workshop March 8-9, 2010, to discuss sex differences and their implications for translational neuroscience research, which bridges the gap between scientific discovery and application.

  • Recall Abortion

    Recall Abortion
    Janet Morana

    Bad products are recalled every day: the Ford Pinto, faulty tires, dangerous prescription pills, contaminated lettuce.

  • Preterm Birth

    Preterm Birth
    Committee on Understanding Premature Birth and Assuring Healthy Outcomes, Board on Health Sciences Policy, Institute of Medicine

    Preterm Birth assesses the problem with respect to both its causes and outcomes. This book addresses the need for research involving clinical, basic, behavioral, and social science disciplines.

  • GĂ r dig fri kvinde

    Gør dig fri kvinde
    Jannie Helle

    En debatbog, hvori forfatter Jannie Helle fremstiller den provokerende tese, at kvinden har bevæget sig væk fra sin sande kvindelighed, som består i følsomhed, indre ro og evnen til at drage omsorg for andre.

  • Making Postmodern Mothers

    Making ‘Postmodern’ Mothers
    Meredith Nash

    This book, the first of its kind, provides a multi-disciplinary, empirical account of pregnant embodiment and how it fits into wider sociological and feminist discourses about gender, bodies, "fitness," "fat," feminism, celebrity and …

  • Natural Solutions to IBS

    Natural Solutions to IBS
    Marilyn Glenville

    In this practical guide, women’s health expert Marilyn Glenville cuts through the confusion with clarity and compassion, empowering the reader with information and practical ways forward.

  • Looking Good Feeling Good

    Looking Good, Feeling Good
    Dr Bruce Miller

    For instance, while we cannot stop aging itself, we can arrest and in some cases even reverse the visible effects of aging. This book is loaded with all of the latest information on the nutrition and health of your hair, skin, and nails.

  • Pathology of the Vulva and Vagina

    Pathology of the Vulva and Vagina
    Laurence Brown

    This book updates the considerable recent progress in vulval pathology, including significant changes in the FIGO staging system for cancer of this region.

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