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  • Yoga for Pregnancy

    Yoga for Pregnancy
    Sandra Jordan

    This is a supportive guide to safe, gentle stretches that can help pregnancy women adjust to the phsycial and mental demands of labor birth, and motherhood.

  • The Mirror of Yoga

    The Mirror of Yoga
    Richard Freeman

    All of this is applied to the actual practice, giving the reader the tools to digest and apply the wealth of information to daily life.

  • Dahn Yoga Basics

    Dahn Yoga Basics
    Ilchi Lee

    This practitioner's guide details the fundamentals of Dahn Yoga's highly effective mind-body training system.

  • Guiding Yoga s Light

    Guiding Yoga’s Light
    Nancy Gerstein

    Guiding Yoga'ss Light is an invaluable teaching and learning tool comprised of 56 lessons any yoga teacher or serious yoga student can utilize as their own.

  • Yoga for Cyclists

    Yoga for Cyclists
    Lexie Williamson

    This is the ideal, no-nonsense resource, where every stretch, strengthening posture, breathing or recovery technique relates back to its impact on performance.

  • The Key Muscles of Yoga

    The Key Muscles of Yoga
    Ray Long, Chris Macivor

    Volume I of the series describes the key muscles of hatha yoga and how they are utilised. From beginners to experts, this book will become a constant companion.

  • The Inner Tradition of Yoga

    The Inner Tradition of Yoga
    Michael Stone

    Michael Stone provides an in-depth explanation of ancient Indian yogic philosophy along with teachings on how to bring our understanding of yoga theory to deeper levels through our practice on the mat—and through our relationships with …

  • Kokoro Yoga Maximize Your Human Potential and Develop the Spirit of a Warrior the SEALfit Way

    Kokoro Yoga: Maximize Your Human Potential and Develop the Spirit of a Warrior–the SEALfit Way
    Mark Divine, Catherine Divine

    Use this book as a guide to experience the profound power of yoga as a developmental system that will allow you to break through any barriers holding you back.

  • Just Breathe

    Just Breathe
    Dan Brule

    Reduce stress and anxiety, increase your productivity, detox your body, balance your health, and find the path to greater mindfulness with this collection of signature breathing techniques by the world’s leading breathmaster, Dan Brulé.

  • Una nuova cultura dell energia

    Una nuova cultura dell’energia
    Luce Irigaray

    Se la psicoanalisi e lo yoga contribuiscono a liberare l'energia, non insegnano abbastanza come dedicarla a un compimento insieme globale e mondiale dell'identità umana.

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