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  • The Organized Kitchen

    The Organized Kitchen
    Brette Sember

    A guide to organizing the busiest room in the house includes shelf and storage strategies, five-minute kitchen feng shui, key cleaning tools, facts on freezing food, and the best way to stock the pantry, along with a collection of fool …

  • Creating the Not So Big House

    Creating the Not So Big House
    Sarah Susanka, Grey Crawford

    Offers a look at twenty-five examples of small house designs to show readers what they need to know to plan the home that best fits their goals and lifestyles.

  • The Log Cabin Book

    The Log Cabin Book
    Oliver Kemp

    This vintage guide from over a century ago offers timeless, practical advice on building log cabins. Simply stated, well-illustrated advice ranges from felling trees to furnishing and decorating interiors.

  • Strawbale Home Plans

    Strawbale Home Plans
    Wayne J. Bingham, Colleen F. Smith

    They took additional trips to explore and further record specific strawbale buildings that now constitute this book.

  • Designing Your Perfect House

    Designing Your Perfect House
    William J. Hirsch

    It's full of sage advice from a master architect about how to design the perfect home. Presented in 12 lessons, this text moves from wonderful concepts to a finished dream home.

  • Victorian Cottage Residences

    Victorian Cottage Residences
    Andrew Jackson Downing

    This incredibly rich, firsthand source for the most popular styles of 19th-century Victorian architecture presents 26 cottage designs — including Gothic, bracketed, Italianate, "rustic," more — and 155 illustrations (includes floor …

  • Goodhouseparts

    Dennis Wedlick

    Highlights hundreds of examples of house parts, from doors and windows to columns and fireplaces, in homes designed by some of America's leading architects.

  • The Complete Guide to Contracting Your Home

    The Complete Guide to Contracting Your Home
    Kent Lester, Dave McGuerty

    Revised edition of: Complete guide to contracting your home / Dave McGuerty & Kent Lester.

  • Wir bauen uns ein H uschen

    Wir bauen uns ein Häuschen
    Joachim Gerlach

    Der Autor schildert seine Erfahrungen beim Neubau eines für den Eigengebrauch vorgesehenen Alterswohnsitzes.

  • Compact Houses

    Compact Houses
    Gerald Rowan

    Gerald Rowan presents creative and efficient layouts that use every inch of space, with tips on fully maximizing closets, porches, bathrooms, attics, and basements.

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