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  • The Feminine ToolKit

    The Feminine ToolKit
    Linda Mentze, Mark P. Tjan

    "The Feminine ToolKit" provides a sassy masterpiece of brevity and wit, making it a fast and easy read. This little book is brimming with high-value tips, tool recommendations, and how-tos.

  • Keeping the Cutting Edge

    Keeping the Cutting Edge
    Harold H. Payson

    Most of his boats-among them the famed Gloucester Light Dory and the Instant Boat series-are from the board of Philip C. Bolger.

  • The Backyard Lumberjack

    The Backyard Lumberjack
    Frank Philbrick, Stephen Philbrick

    You can't burn until you have split and dried your wood. Stacking: Decide which kind of woodpile works for you and stack it up. Keep in mind that the only goals here are to let the wood dry and to keep it from falling over.

  • The Ultimate Router Guide

    The Ultimate Router Guide
    Popular Woodworking

    These collected articles are from the most-respected and knowledgeable authors from Popular Woodworking and include everything you need to start working with routers, or to expand your use of this amazing and powerful tool.

  • The New Scroll Saw Handbook

    The New Scroll Saw Handbook
    Patrick Spielman

    This bestseller’s massive technical updates and new sections make an even more valuable contribution, with simplified instructions. “Terrific, everything a book should be.”—Fine Woodworking. “Excellent.

  • Working with Routers

    Working with Routers
    Fine Woodworking

    This book covers different types of routers and router tables, how to use them successfully and in-depth coverage of a wide variety of router techniques.

  • Care and Repair of Shop Machines

    Care and Repair of Shop Machines
    John White

    Woodshop tools are a major investment — so it makes sense to keep them in good running order. This book is a complete reference guide for anyone who owns tools and wants to learn how to assemble, tune, maintain and repair them.

  • Working with Tablesaws

    Working with Tablesaws
    Fine Woodworking

    The Editors of Fine Woodworking Magazine show readers how to get the most out of their table saws, presenting twenty-six articles written by experts in the field. Original.

  • A Museum of Early American Tools

    A Museum of Early American Tools
    Eric Sloane

    Absorbing book describes, in detail, farm tools and kitchen implements and how they were made.

  • Field Guide to Meat

    Field Guide to Meat
    Aliza Green, John Kelsey

    Describes the history and function of a variety of tools and includes information on the proper use of each tool.

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