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  • Your Green Abode

    Your Green Abode
    Tara Rae Miner

    A down-to-earth guide to giving your home, condo, or apartment an eco-makeover

  • Homegrown Humus

    Homegrown Humus
    Anna Hess

    Give your garden a treat — grow some buckwheat! This second edition is updated with three new chapters and contains a total of 54 photos.

  • Frugal Living For Dummies

    Frugal Living For Dummies
    Deborah Taylor-Hough

    Praise for Frugal Living For Dummies "A must-have for those wanting more out of their money!" ? Jonni McCoy, author and founder of Miserly Moms "Nobody knows frugal like Deborah Taylor-Hough. Don't shop without this book!" ?

  • Stand Up Paddling

    Stand Up Paddling
    Rob Casey

    The Salvage Studio includes 35 sustainable and cost-effective do-it-yourself projects to create a warm and comforting home.

  • Renewable Energy for Your Home

    Renewable Energy for Your Home
    Alan Bridgewater, Gill Bridgewater

    A friendly, straight-forward guide to sustainable energy solutions. Designed as a primer for real people, the book fully explains the different technologies available and exactly what each project entails–making it easy for home owners.

  • The Prepper s Pocket Guide

    The Prepper’s Pocket Guide
    Bernie Carr

    Guides readers in preparing for disasters, including developing plans, calculating how much water is needed, and making a disinfectant cleaner from emergency kit items.

  • Plastic Purge

    Plastic Purge
    Michael SanClements

    With the help of Michael SanClements's Plastic Purge, you and your family will develop easy habits to live a healthier and happier lives.

  • Modern Homesteading

    Modern Homesteading
    , A Wranglerstar Production

    Discover their personal story, what worked, what didn’t, and what you can learn from their mistakes Explore detailed “How to” sections throughout the book, providing hands-on knowledge and practical tips for just about anyone Master …

  • The Lost Arts of Hearth and Home

    The Lost Arts of Hearth and Home
    Ken Albala, Rosanna Nafziger Henderson

    The Lost Arts of Hearth and Home is not about extreme, off-the-grid living.

  • Sustainable Revolution

    Sustainable Revolution
    Juliana Birnbaum, Louis Fox

    Sustainable Revolution uplifts and inspires with its amazing array of dynamic activists and thriving, vibrant communities. From the Trade Paperback edition.

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