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  • Pfefferminzeis

    Hannah Kaiser

    Alle Titel von Hannah Kaiser können unabhängig voneinander gelesen werden. Jedoch gibt es in "Verlockung des Glücks" (1+2) "Herzkirschen" "Zimtzucker" sowie "Pfefferminzeis" wiederkehrende Figuren.

  • Hate Mail

    Hate Mail
    Mr Bingo

    Previously available only via a Kickstarter subscription, this bumper edition of ALL NEW postcards is a must-have for all Hate Mail devotees.

  • So Anyway

    So, Anyway…
    John Cleese

    Candid and brilliantly funny, this is the story of how a tall, shy youth from Weston-super-Mare went on to become a self-confessed legend.

  • Man and Superman

    Man and Superman
    George Bernard Shaw

    Packed with plenty of big ideas, this engaging work helped rank Bernard Shaw among the most significant and influential dramatists of his era.

  • Gentil como a gente

    Gentil como a gente
    Fernanda Gentil

    No vídeo, é uma profissional competente e divertida. De perto, é igualmente engraçada. Nas páginas de Gentil como a gente, transforma suas experiências pessoais num relato adorável. A protagonista é a Mocinha.

  • The Hypochondriac s Pocket Guide to Horrible Diseases You Probably Already Have

    The Hypochondriac’s Pocket Guide to Horrible Diseases You Probably Already Have
    Dennis DiClaudio

    Profiling fifty of the most disgusting, painful, life-threatening and otherwise icky diseases, this remarkable book is the perfect treat for the closet temperature-taker, speed-dialing doctor stalker, or tissue-wielding virus-phobe in all …

  • The Gun Seller

    The Gun Seller
    Hugh Laurie

    When Thomas Lang, a hired gunman with a soft heart, is contracted to assassinate an American industrialist, he opts instead to warn the intended victim – a good deed that doesn't go unpunished.

  • Assholes Finish First

    Assholes Finish First
    Tucker Max

    The best gift for the dudes and bros in your life: the fratire New York Times bestseller Assholes Finish First, featuring twenty-five new and exclusive stories by Tucker Max.

  • English Humour for Beginners

    English Humour for Beginners
    George Mikes

    Drawing on a trove of examples from our rich comic canon, from Orwell ("Every joke is a tiny revolution") to Oscar Wilde, this is the essential handbook for natives and foreigners alike.

  • La Gnocca

    La Gnocca
    Allegre Comari Le

    La Gnocca è l’origine del mondo, la madre di tutte le madri, la causa di ogni cosa, insomma, dopo aver capito la Gnocca tutto il resto diventa un’ovvietà.

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