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  • Over the Hillisms

    Cathy Hamilton

    Cathy Hamilton is now helping readers discover what the message is. Following in the vein of her best-selling Momisms, Dadisms, and Kidisms, the author delivers Over-the-Hillisms: What They Say and What They Really Mean.

  • Zombie Haiku

    Zombie Haiku
    Ryan Mecum

    Through the intimate poetry of haiku, the zombie chronicles his epic journey through deserted streets and barricaded doors. Each three-line poem, structured in the classic 5-7-5 syllable structure, unravels a little more of the story.

  • Not in My Name

    Not in My Name
    Chas Newkey-Burden, Julie Burchill

    From the Everyday Hypocrites (cyclists, white hip-hop fans, reality television-haters) to the truly pungent Stinking Hypocrites (chav-haters, green campaigners and anti-Americans), Julie Burchill and Chas Newkey-Burden pull no punches in …

  • Clothing Optional

    Clothing Optional
    Alan Zweibel

    Unhinged and hilarious, Clothing Optional is an unguided tour through the uniquely peculiar life and mind of a man who The New York Times said “has earned a place in the pantheon of American pop culture.” From the Hardcover edition.

  • Mach dich nicht so klein du bist nicht so gro

    Mach dich nicht so klein, du bist nicht so groß!
    Josef Joffe

    Kundig und mit viel Esprit erzählt Josef Joffe vom jüdischen Humor: von seiner Tradition, seinen Eigenheiten, seinen Figuren.

  • Cuando haces bop ya no hay stop

    Cuando haces bop ya no hay stop
    Bob Pop

    Este libro, Cuando haces Bop ya no hay stop, es SOLO una mirada personal a una historia del mundo narrada a través de estallidos de ira, más humana que divina, y de arranques que pusieron en marcha, muchas veces, el motor del progreso.


    Donnell “Baby Christian” Owens

    That being the case, if 6,047 children from 175 different neighborhoods in 67 different countries each drew 34 pictures, the word-count equivalent would be…a ridiculously high number that has absolutely nothing to do with this book.

  • S Is for Stupid

    S Is for Stupid
    Leland Gregory

    Such entries include: * The following is a doctor's actual diagnostic notation: The patient is married but sexually active. * "Shooting Reported at Firing Range" –the State, Columbia, South Carolina, August 4, 2006 * Arrested for public …

  • Another Weird Year 4

    Another Weird Year 4
    Huw Davies

    In time-honoured fashion, Another Weird Year 4 brings you the stories that no lover of bizarre, inexplicable and downright hilarious news items can afford to miss, all handily grouped by theme (Love and Marriage, Law and Order, Animals etc) …

  • Notes On A Beermat

    Notes On A Beermat
    Nicholas Pashley

    Most books about beer focus on the beverage itself, how to make it and how to buy it. Notes on a Beermat, the only Canadian book of its kind, explains how to drink beer and why it is absolutely necessary.

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