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  • Man on the Scene

    Man on the Scene
    Jeff Quinn

    A humorous look at life on the road and the characters I find alongside it. Malfeasance in Motion picks up where the original Man on the Scene left off and highlights Bosnia, Greece, Ireland, Nicaragua to name a few.

  • You Are Old

    You Are Old
    Oswald T. Pratt, Scott Dikkers

    From the "New York Times"-bestselling authors of "You Are Worthless "and "Just Give Up" comes an even less-inspiring book for those past their prime, with advice from a sad and seriously inept marriage and family counselor who is one of …

  • The Little Book of Calorie Burning

    The Little Book of Calorie Burning

    A quirky guide to counting the calories as they come off, through ways you may never have considered possible

  • Wreck the Halls

    Wreck the Halls
    Jen Yates

    Presents pictures of and commentary on cakes with mistakes, organized into such categories as let's talk turkey, Santa scare tactics, and black friday.

  • Nana Ruth s Poetic Views on Life

    Nana Ruth’s Poetic Views on Life
    Ruth Gagnon

    Other poems I had written were put on display and I was astounded when asked where copies could be obtained . . . So began the birth of this book. This book also contains colorful photos and art work. With Love, Nana Ruth

  • One Second

    One Second
    Kenny Elmore

    Motorcycles were a big part of his life, and in 2008 a near fatal motorcycle vs car accident changed his life forever. This book details the events of his life and struggles with rehabilitation.

  • Gracious Me Is Nothing Sacred

    Gracious Me. . . Is Nothing Sacred
    Thomas F. Shubnell

    A priest, a Rabbi, and a minister are all discussing how hilarious this book is. Is nothing sacred any more? Not in this book.

  • The Table Talks

    The Table Talks
    Mary G. Sontag

    This is a fantasy fable involving some facts embellished. It is about a table telling stories to a mouse and his descendants over many years. These are the stories told.

  • A Load of Balls

    A Load of Balls
    John Scally

    Packed with priceless gaffes from the likes of David Beckham ('My parents have been there for me since I was about seven'), Bobby Robson ('We didn't underestimate them; they were just a lot better than we thought') and Paul Gascoigne ('I've …

  • Extreme Trivia the Chicago Professional Sports Trivia They Do Not Want You to Know

    Extreme Trivia: the Chicago Professional Sports Trivia They Do Not Want You to Know
    Bradley W. Rasch

    A humorous look at Chicago professional sports venues and personalities by way of previously unknown (and untrue) trivia.

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