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  • Devotional Adventures

    Devotional Adventures
    Yvonne I. M. Davis

    Stories about Christian life to inspire the reader.

  • Any Color But Beige

    Any Color But Beige
    Catherine Larose

    None of the self-help books prepared Cat for the often funny, occasionally puzzling, sometimes sad but always colorful dating adventures with an international cast of frogs, princes and players.

  • For Mat

    Dionne DeRamus-Ingram

    Matthew Trusette is an intercessor and warrior in his Majesty's service, he has been formatted with special key's to 'Detroit' for unlocking the portals and gateway's there; and most of all the souls of men.

  • Citybursts

    Alexandra Koslow, Lysa Hawke

    So what's a girl to do? Laugh about it, of course! Author Alexandra Koslow and illustrator Lysa Hawke's Citybursts! is a hilarious, knowing look at dating, friendship, and beauty treatments in the urban jungle.

  • Hex the Ex

    Hex the Ex
    Sophia, Sophia Sargent

    Each little work of sorcery in this book is guaranteed to deliver a bit of levity and offer sense of satisfaction until the next mate comes along.

  • Dog vs Cat A Nation Divided

    Dog vs. Cat: A Nation Divided
    Don Asmussen

    Cat scoops the stories – and then the yard – of all the funny, quirky things that cat lovers, dog lovers, and elected humans can do, all in the name of creating a pet-ter tomorrow.

  • I Can t Remember If We re Cheap Or Smart

    I Can’t Remember If We’re Cheap Or Smart
    Scott Adams

    A collection of Dilbert comics featuring white collar workers and clueless management.

  • Seattle Adventures Color Interior Edition

    Seattle Adventures (Color Interior Edition)
    Kalpanik S.

    This is the expanded second edition of the colot interior version of the book. This edition has been published in 2001. Some of the reviews refer to the older edition published in 2008. Inspired by author's stint at

  • Everything I Never Wanted My Son to Know He Learned from Bill Clinton

    Everything I Never Wanted My Son to Know He Learned from Bill Clinton
    Theodore B. Conrath

    A lifelong resident of Northern Virginia, Theodore Conrath began life as a Microbiologist/Immunologist.

  • How to Back Up a Trailer

    How to Back Up a Trailer
    Kurt Anderson

    It's the ultimate guide to everything you better know how to do, like: Rotate your car's tires and change its brake pads; Swing a bat like a homerun hitter; Build and light a campfire during a rainstorm; Install an electrical outlet in your …

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