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  • Alternative Dispute Resolution in Tanzania

    Alternative Dispute Resolution in Tanzania
    Mashamba, Clement J.

    This handbook provides theories, principles, examples of practice, and materials relating to ADR in Tanzania and is therefore an essential resource for practicing lawyers as well as law students with an interest in Tanzania.

  • Stateless Commerce

    Stateless Commerce
    Barak D. Richman

    Barak Richman draws on insider interviews to show why relational exchange based on familiarity, trust, and community enforcement succeeds and what it reveals about the modern state’s limitations in governing the economy.

  • Resolving Environmental Disputes

    Resolving Environmental Disputes
    Roger Sidaway

    The book spans both theory and practice in assessing the relationship between public participation and mediation.

  • The Handbook of Dispute Resolution

    The Handbook of Dispute Resolution
    Michael L. Moffitt, Robert C. Bordone

    This volume is an essential, cutting-edge reference for all practitioners, students, and teachers in the field of dispute resolution. Each chapter was written specifically for this collection and has never before been published.

  • Resolving Mass Disputes

    Resolving Mass Disputes
    Christopher Hodges, Astrid Stadler

    Raising a series of questions on resolving mass disputes, and fuelling future debate, this book will provide a challenging and thought-provoking read for law academics, practitioners and policy-makers.

  • Little Book of Circle Processes

    Little Book of Circle Processes
    Kay Pranis

    A title in The Little Books of Justice and Peacebuilding Series.

  • Improvisational Negotiation

    Improvisational Negotiation
    Jeffrey Krivis

    Praise for Improvisational Negotiation "Every person interested in becoming a better negotiator or mediator must read this book.

  • A Practical Guide to Construction Adjudication

    A Practical Guide to Construction Adjudication
    James Pickavance

    A Practical Guide to Construction Adjudication serves as an extremely valuable guide for construction solicitors and barristers and all construction professionals, including clients, project managers, architects, contractors, construction …

  • Resolving Disputes in the Asia Pacific Region

    Resolving Disputes in the Asia-Pacific Region
    Shahla F. Ali

    This book will be of great interest to students and scholars of international arbitration and dispute resolution, comparative and Asian law, as well as anyone dealing with potential conflict in international business relationships in East …

  • Commercial Arbitration in Sweden

    Commercial Arbitration in Sweden
    Finn Madsen

    " "This Third Edition of Commercial Arbitration in Sweden provides us all with a valuable and up-to-date understanding of the Swedish system in operation, and a comprehensive commentary on the SCC Rules, both new and existing.

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