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  • Conflict to Partnership

    Conflict to Partnership
    H Fisher

    This book will inspire you and give you hope. It will give you the tools to make Conflict Transformation a reality!

  • WTO at the Margins

    WTO at the Margins
    Roman Grynberg

    This book was first published in 2006.

  • Ill Legal Justice

    Ill-Legal Justice
    Pete Becich

    This book is a non-fiction eye opener that provides readers a portrait of Family Law and what can happen should you find yourself in family court.

  • International Intellectual Property Arbitration

    International Intellectual Property Arbitration
    Trevor Cook, Alejandro I. Garcia

    More and more, intellectual property disputes tend to be multijurisdictional in nature, and parties everywhere are turning to international arbitration as the most promising means of resolution.

  • La Mediazione Istruzioni per l uso

    La Mediazione. Istruzioni per l’uso
    Serena Belluardo

    Il testo può essere definito un "libretto delle istruzioni" per svolgere l'attività di Mediazione.

  • EU Mediation Law and Practice

    EU Mediation Law and Practice
    Giuseppe De Palo, Mary B. Trevor

    A practical reference on the EU rules and international initiatives that impact directly on EU cross-border disputes, this handbook is a must-have for any practitioner of cross-border mediation.

  • Codice della mediazione e conciliazione Aggiornato a ┬ liberalizzazioni┬

    Codice della mediazione e conciliazione. Aggiornato a ┬źliberalizzazioni┬╗
    Maurizio Di Rocco, Angelo Santi

  • Legal Counseling Negotiating and Mediating A Practical Approach

    Legal Counseling, Negotiating, and Mediating: A Practical Approach
    G. Nicholas Herman, Jean M. Cary

    This book provides a comprehensive descriptive and prescriptive treatment of legal counseling, interviewing, and negotiation (including mediation and plea-bargaining).

  • The ICSID Convention

    The ICSID Convention
    Christoph H. Schreuer

    This practice-oriented guide will be an indispensable tool for anyone dealing with the ICSID Convention.

  • The Lawyer s Guide to Negotiation

    The Lawyer’s Guide to Negotiation
    Xavier M. Frascogna, H. Lee Hetherington

    Chronicles the efforts of the men and women who dedicated their lives to protecting the United States' natural heritage and includes step-by-step instructions on how to build a birdfeeder, conduct a water quality survey, start a compost …

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