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  • Social Media and Morality

    Social Media and Morality
    Lisa S. Nelson

    Instead of beginning with the assumption that we control our use of social media, this book considers how the phenomenological effects of social media influences our actions, decisions, and, ultimately, who we are and who we become.

  • Italienische Mediensprache Handbuch Glossario del linguaggio dei mass media

    Italienische Mediensprache. Handbuch / Glossario del linguaggio dei mass media
    Eckhard Römer

    So wie jedem deutschen Zeitungsleser der "Barras", die "Schlapphüte", die "Hardthöhe" zu geläufigen Begriffen geworden sind, und Abkürzungen wie AOK, TÜV oder DGB so vertraut sind, dass eine Auflösung oder Erklärung dieser …

  • Perle and Williams on Publishing Law

    Perle and Williams on Publishing Law
    E. Gabriel Perle, John Taylor Williams

    This valuable handbook covers the relations between writer/publisher and publisher/public, including the latest approaches to clearing text for libel, privacy, and related legal exposure, contracts, negotiating royalties, advances, options, …

  • Beyond the Code

    Beyond the Code
    Noam Shemtov

    This book concerns the copying of non-literal and functional elements of software in both the United States (US) and European Union (EU), using a holistic approach to address the most topical questions facing experts concerned with legal …

  • Freedom of Expression

    Freedom of Expression
    Vincenzo Zeno-Zencovich

    This book takes a multidisciplinary approach to the issues surrounding freedom of expression, looking at the current legal position in a number of European countries as well as engaging with the wider debates on the topic amongst …

  • Derecho y nuevas tecnolog as

    Derecho y nuevas tecnologías
    Miquel Peguera Poch

    Con este manual se pretende ofrecer una presentación rigurosa y asequible a la vez de los ámbitos del Derecho en los que las nuevas tecnologías han tenido un mayor impacto.

  • Formulario commentato dei nuovi contratti

    Formulario commentato dei nuovi contratti
    Valentina Frediani

  • The Law of Public Communication

    The Law of Public Communication
    Kent R. Middleton, William E. Lee, Daxton R. Stewart

    This new edition features color photos, as well as breakout boxes that apply the book’s principles to daily life. The new case studies discussed often reflect new technologies and professional practices.

  • The Law and Economics of Cybersecurity

    The Law and Economics of Cybersecurity
    Mark F. Grady, Francesco Parisi

    This 2006 book explores the nature of the cybersecurity problem for nations and addresses possible solutions.

  • Last Word

    Last Word
    Florian Sauvageau, David Schneiderman, David Taras

    Thus, judges lose control of the message once they hand down decisions, and journalists have the last word.

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