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  • New York Court of Appeals Records and Briefs

    New York Court of Appeals. Records and Briefs.
    New York (State). Court of Appeals.

    Volume contains: 1 Abbotts Decisions 1 (Acker v. Acker) 1 Abbotts Decisions 199 (British Com. L. I. Co. & Tax Comm. Of N.Y.) 1 Abbotts Decisions 341 (Chambers v. Clearwater) 1 Abbotts Decisions 467 (Crichton v.

  • Genocide in Cambodia

    Genocide in Cambodia
    Howard J. De Nike, John Quigley, Kenneth J. Robinson

    The book opens with essays that discuss the nature of the primary documents, and places the trial in its historical, legal, and political context.

  • Hope Springs Eternal in the Priestly Breast

    Hope Springs Eternal in the Priestly Breast
    James Valladares, PhD

    Even so, we often fail to understand how trivial these are in comparison to the damage done to the priesthood by the enactment of the charter’s policies. This is the most pressing issue that the bishops need to address.

  • The National Security Court System

    The National Security Court System
    Glenn Sulmasy

    For all those who want to explore the crucial legal issues behind the headlines about Gitmo and the rights of detainees, The National Security Court System offers a clear-headed assessment of where we are and where we ought to be going.

  • Rule of law Tools for Post conflict States Maximizing the Volume 671

    Rule-of-law Tools for Post-conflict States: Maximizing the …, Volume 671
    United Nations. Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

    Hybrid courts are defined as courts of mixed composition and jurisdiction, encompassing both national and international aspects, usually operating within the jurisdiction where the crimes occurred.

  • The Case of the Piglet s Paternity

    The Case of the Piglet’s Paternity
    Jon C. Blue

    The Case of the Piglet’s Paternity assembles thirty-three of the most significant and intriguing trials of the period.

  •    κ        ε  ε              κ  κ

    Η Δίκη των Εξ (τα εστενογραφημένα πρακτικά)
    Εφημερίδα Πρωία

    Η δίκη των εξ άρχισε μέσα σε ατμόσφαιρα τρομοκρατίας και λογοκρισίας αυστηρότατης. Στις εφημερίδες επιβαλλόταν ένα νόθο δελτίο …

  • United States Reports Supreme Court Acid Free Volume 562

    United States Reports (Supreme Court) Acid Free, Volume 562

    These reports contain the syllabi of cases which were argued before the court in a given term, the opinions of the court, as well as concurring and dissenting opinions.

  • Cato Supreme Court Review 2005 2006

    Cato Supreme Court Review 2005-2006
    Mark K. Moller

    A timely review of the Court's recent decisions.

  • California Supreme Court Records and Briefs

    California. Supreme Court. Records and Briefs
    California (State).

    Court of Appeal Case(s): C013093 Consolidated Case(s): Number of Exhibits: 0

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