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  • A New and Complete Law dictionary Or General Abridgment of the Law

    A New and Complete Law-dictionary, Or, General Abridgment of the Law
    Timothy Cunningham

    Cunningham, T[imothy]. A New and Complete Law-Dictionary, or, General Abridgment of the Law: On a More Extensive Plan than any Law-Dictionary Hitherto Published.

  • Military Dictionary

    Military Dictionary
    Henry Lee Scott

    It contains a large number of definitions relating to civil and military law and government based on the works of Bouvier, De Hart, Dunlop, Guillot, Pendergast, Vattel, Wheaton and others.

  • DiaLaw

    Arno R. Lodder, A.R. Lodder

    In this work it is argued that legal justification can best be studied from a procedural, dialogical point of view: legal statements are justified if the audience is convinced in an argumentative dialog.

  • The Party of the First Part

    The Party of the First Part
    Adam Freedman

    For better or for worse, the instruction manual for today's world is written by lawyers. Everyone needs to understand this manual-but lawyers persist in writing it in language no one can possibly decipher.

  • Environmental Law Lexicon

    Environmental Law Lexicon
    Nicholas A. Robinson

    Coverage includes the new legal definitions that are coming into use with respect to climate change, emissions trading and the regulation of greenhouse gases.

  • The Grammar of Criminal Law American Comparative and International

    The Grammar of Criminal Law: American, Comparative, and International
    George P. Fletcher

    Written in the spirit of Fletcher's classic Rethinking Criminal Law, this work is essential reading in the field of international and comparative law.

  • A Dictionary of Law

    A Dictionary of Law
    Jonathan Law

    This best-selling dictionary contains over 4,700 clear and concise entries on all aspects of English law. Now in its eighth edition, it has been updated to reflect the very latest legislation.

  • The Wolters Kluwer Bouvier Law Dictionary

    The Wolters Kluwer Bouvier Law Dictionary
    Stephen Michael Sheppard

    Steve Sheppard, with law degrees from Oxford and Columbia Universities, brings his scholarship, international practice, and litigation experience to bear in making the famous text as relevant today as it was when it first broke ground in …

  • Criminal Slang

    Criminal Slang
    Vincent Joseph Monteleone

    A fascinating addition to any criminal law history library or collection, this book will likely be perused often.

  • A Commercial Dictionary Containing the Present State of Volume 1

    A Commercial Dictionary: Containing the Present State of …, Volume 1
    Joshua Montefiore

    Three volumes. Reprinted 2004 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN 1-58477-417-7. Cloth. $295. * Reprint of the rare first American edition (1804), based on the 1803 London edition with much new American material added.

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